I know what you are thinking, what is a pregnancy brain fart? Well, let me tell you! A pregnancy brain fart is when you have an unrealistic idea, concern or thought while pregnant. It sounds perfectly rational to you in the moment (while pregnant), but when you are no longer pregnant you think back and wonder, what the crap was I thinking…I had many pregnancy brain farts during both of my pregnancies but, I think the most memorable one was when I was pregnant with the twins and I thought I was going to use cloth diapers. Don’t get me wrong, I think cloth diapers are fab but, I had a three-year old at the time and twin boys. I knew my stress level could not handle that much cleaning up of poop (there’s that poop word again, there is a lot of it) or at least the people around me knew at the time my stress level could not take it! I remember telling my dearest friend about my idea and telling her that Chris looked at me like I had five heads when I told him and said, “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She proceeded to say, “I agree with Chris.” So needless to say we did not go green!I sent out a mass text and email to my closest friends and asked them about their most memorable brain fart and they delivered. I’m not going to call any of them out on here but, these are some doozies. I love my friends! Thanks for all of the great thoughts ladies! Here’s what they had to say (straight out of their thoughts, this is what they wrote);

  • I was going to buy everything second-hand. Which sounds great but, I realized I had to actually take the brand new baby and other two children to these places to buy at the thrift shop. That did not last, soon after Amazon became my best Friend.
  • With baby number three I was only going to make homemade baby food. I would never buy a jar of commercial baby food. That lasted for a week! Then I sent my husband to buy every kind of baby jar foods he could find.
  • Every time I went to Walmart  I left something in the buggy in the parking lot. They had a list of people who did that often and my name was on the list!
  • I feel asleep in the car in front of my work after lunch. One of my clients had to wake me up in the car. At the time it sounded like a great idea, I thought I would just take a cat nap, but it turned out to be a lot longer!
  • I tried to say I wouldn’t let my child watch much TV. She had a DVD player in the car at 6 months old. Yeah, that lasted long!
  • I wasn’t going to use a microwave or be near one that was running.
  • I thought seriously about not having an epidural…very seriously. Crazy talk for me, crazy talk!
  • I was going to eat organic only while pregnant   but happy meals sometimes were all I ended up getting down.
  • I was only going to gain 35 pounds! Hehe! Just ridiculous!
  • I wasn’t ever going to be negative about the things happening to my body during pregnancy.
  • My children would NEVER have video games, that didn’t last!
  • My children would only watch educational TV!
  • My kids would only eat organic-I try, seriously try, but they are kids.
  • My kids would never get soda-I also make a serious effort, and it’s only sprite if they get it, but they get it.
  • Hmmm, a wild idea I had when I was pregnant. With the twins it’s not really baby related but I was on modified bed rest starting at about 23 weeks for pre term labor. I would start having contractions just by walking. I was so tired of being cooped up in the house that when my hubby had received free hockey tickets I wanted to go .I think I must have been maybe 32 weeks. I figured we were not going to be able to go out once the babies came so I was being a stubborn fool and said let’s go! Um Yeah, never even made it out of the parking lot. I could only walk maybe a few feet until I’d have to stop. Then we’d go a little bit more. So on, etc… Finally my hubby said let’s just go home! That car felt like a mile away! Funny thing is we went back to where the hockey game was for something else and I realized it’s really not even that far! I was just so big! (This story may not be a pregnancy brain fart for some, but let me tell you, when you are pregnant with twins you are even more limited of the things you can do. I can totally relate!)
  • When I was pregnant I had my baby’s schedule all planned out. I would only feed her when her time slot was allotted and she would sleep at the time of her given schedule. Ha! So I had a screaming , hungry every hour baby with reflux.
  • My baby would only sleep in her bed, never in mine……little did I know her being in my bed was the only sleep I would ever get.

So glad we can look back and have a chuckle! We wouldn’t take our pregnancies or our children back for anything but, maybe some of our thoughts! Did you have a pregnancy brain fart? Please, tell!

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