We all face negative commentary from family, friends, and even strangers. The heaviest, most powerful comments come from ourselves, though. How do we overcome negative self-talk? How do we become our own best advocate?

Overcoming Negative Self-Talk in This Body

This body was told it only had a seven percent chance of ever having kids. We beat the odds by having three kids including a set of twins.

This body was told it would never have a performing arts career. I beat the odds and was actually great at it too!

How do we overcome negative self-talk? How do we become our own best advocate? #AmandaMiddleton #PositiveThinking #Self-Love #SelfEmpowerment

This body was told it was too short, too curvy, too this, too that.

But none of that matters anymore. Why?! Because I made my own journey with prayer, perseverance, and determination. Was it easy? No. Did I want to give up? Yes, some days! I am human!

I am so glad I didn’t though. I would have missed out on so much. Missed out on life lessons, miracles and relationships.

And now as this body is facing more obstacles after four heart surgeries, we were just told a few days ago that four surgeries may not have been enough. But you know what?! I’ve got this because this body is amazing! This genetic heart condition will not break me!

Don’t Let the Negative Self-Talk Define You

Don’t let the negative self-talk and negative words others say define you. Don’t let the noise get to you. Trust and know your journey. Trust and know that there is something so much bigger than you. Trust and know that your journey is not defined by others thoughts and perceptions of you.

Have faith in knowing that you will pull through no matter the obstacle, no matter the hardship, no matter the noise. You are amazing! You are a fighter! You are worthy! You are an overcomer!

Find your inner overcomer and beat the odds so you have stories to tell of your prayer, perseverance, and determination!

This pic was taken shortly before I got sick with my rare genetic heart condition. My body was starting to tell me something wasn’t right. One day I will be back and running a race, my heart will be mended and I will be better for it!
After this heart journey is over I will have a bigger and better story to tell. A story of God’s love and grace!


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