I really thought my kids books were breeding for a while. We love books at our house but, I found myself picking up books that I didn’t even remember buying! I purge and organize a lot around my house but, I do not purge or throw away books. I just don’t have it in me so, I find new ways to organize them. I love to organize, I know it’s a weird obsession but, I would like to think it’s a good one. Maybe?

I have to admit my kids do not always use the board books for what they are intended for, that is for sure, like reading. Let’s see, they love to use them as building blocks, stepping stools and (my personal favorite) skate boards. But, when they are not using them by doing these horrendous things or reading them they have their own little station in the living room and it is their job to put them away.

This is simple, cheap and easy craft that you can make in fifteen minutes max.

  • Okay so, go to the store and buy a wooden drying dish rack. (I bought this one at Bed Bath and Beyond. If you buy this one, don’t forget your coupon!)
  • Get your favorite can of spray paint. Ours are painted blue and hot pink!
  • Spray paint them, leave them to dry!
  • Voila! You got yourself a nice little nifty, kid-friendly book organizer! It’s right at their level if you set it on the floor and easy for them to reach.

Let me know what color you paint yours! Send me a pic, I would love to see! Don’t forget to show where you put your book organizer!

25 Days of Children’s Christmas Books

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