I am excited to share with you two pieces of BIG news! (It’s BIG news to me at least.) First and foremost, I am taking on a new and exciting roll! As some of you know, I have been in the fitness industry for 15+ years. My fitness roots go way back, probably further than 15 years. I have always liked working out, taking my nutrition seriously, studying homeopathic medicine and treating my body as a temple so, I can live to be a ripe old age. (Sorry, I’m here to stay!) I get it honestly, my dad is very motivated and likes to live well and his mom made sure she knew every homeopathic remedy there ever was. I came from a family that took care of themselves and they taught us to do the same. After my performing arts career stopped (didn’t know that about me, did ya? ;-)) I wanted to keep up my fitness and so I started teaching fitness classes and training others on fitness and nutrition.But,  when I had my twins my world was completely rocked and teaching fitness classes, weight training others, etc., etc., kinda ceased and came to an end for a short period of time. I now have everything under control (ha, that’s funny) and I am ready to take on the fitness industry again but, in a new way, a more modern way. As you know, I love fitness, I love people and I love to share in other people’s transformation, both spiritually and physically.

I have had a big transformation over the past few years. I mean, oh my goodness, I carried twins. I am 5’3″ and my two boys had nowhere to go but out, so needless to say I had some weight that needed to come off! I am a mom just like you, so finding the time to workout is hard. Even though I still have some more LBs to shed I am fully getting back to my “old self” and transforming right before our eyes or at least, your virtual eyes.
 As you know, I have been using Beachbody products, including PiYo21 Day Fix and Shakeology. I truly believe in these products and now have the opportunity to help others reach their nutritional and fitness goals. I get to help others from the privacy of my own home which, I truly love. I love being home with my little ones but, I also love sharing fitness and nutrition with others. So with that being said, I am now a Beachbody Coach and can help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals. Here’s how it works….
I will be starting private groups on Facebook for ones that are interested in:
a. loosing a few extra pounds
b. loosing a lot of weight
c. getting healthier
d. learning how to eat better.
e. feeling great
f. maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Whatever your reasoning!Each group will follow a Beachbody program. Through the group, I will be posting encouraging words, recipes, helpful tips, motivational tips and cheer you on when you need it the most. And the best part is, I will be doing the workouts with you every step of the way. I will be feeling every exercise you do! I have participated in these groups and they hold me accountable and motivate me to be and do better.

So if you are interested in joining me please comment below or email me and I will give you more information. Thanks for joining me on my fitness journey. It is a journey and it is always easier with friends!

If you are interested in becoming a Beachbody Coach and joining my team please let me know below and I will send you an application!

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If you have health and fitness goals you would like to reach please fill out the form below. We will support you every step of the way.  Wouldn’t you like to reward yourself for reaching your goals? What will be your reward?

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