(I need this picture in my house for the days I have “mommy fog.”)
I cannot believe it is already the start of week 3 of my PiYo 60 Day Challenge

It’s been a doozy of a week, so I’m not going to lie, it has been a “sure enough” challenge. I have had some days that I have wanted to crawl back into my bed and not work-out and even some days, I wanted to get off of my clean eating regimen and eat junk food. (Junk food is comfort for me when I’m stressed. This week brought stress, for sure!)When I wanted to give up, my support Facebook Group was there for me and kept me accountable.I feel great and I can tell that I am getting stronger with each day. I have noticed as I do some of the same workouts throughout the week that my stamina gets better and better with each work-out.I know clean eating has contributed to me feeling so good and being able to deal with the soreness from each workout even better. My body loves being toxin free! The best thing about clean eating, I have noticed, I am no longer in a true “mommy fog” like I have been for some time! You know the mommy fog, you can’t remember things like: you walk into a room and discover you have no idea what you came in there for, or you are yelling at your kids and you have called him/her every person’s name except for the kids actual name, or (my personal fave) you go looking for your cell phone only to discover that you are talking on it! The “mommy fog” still happens, just not as frequent!But, I saved the best part for last….Since the start of my PiYo 60 day challenge, I have lost a total of 8 inches! It was slow go at the beginning because, you know, I’m a, I want it now type of girl when it comes to loosing weight. (It’s my only pitfall! Ha, yeah right!) But after only two weeks I think that was a pretty big accomplishment!!!

check out my progress:

working out and new challenges
60 day PiYo challenge:week 2
mommy fog and workin on my fitness
week 4: 60 day PiYo challenge
week 5: 60 day PiYo challenge
60 day PiYo challenge: week 7

it is finished: 60 day PiYo Challenge

Come back next Monday to check out more progress, until then you have to listen (read) me ramble on and on about all of my other shenanigans.


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