Today I was called a backwoods piece of trash, ignorant, uneducated and I was accused of attending a cult by someone who doesn’t even know me beyond a computer screen. By someone that has no idea about my education, my background or my life right now. But that’s not what this post is about. I could care less what a stranger thinks of me, because I know who I am and so does God. This is the reason you should love other so radically!
What this post is about is how this episode got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all slow to speak and quick to listen? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could learn from one another and not name call? Wouldn’t it be nice if we all loved others as Jesus loves us. We don’t deserve His love, but He still gives it to us! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all knew the difference between the two words “like” and “love”?
I could go on and tell you the two definitions of these two  words, but I will spare you. Because honestly, until you feel the deep rooted love of Jesus and until you love Him unconditionally you can never know the difference. The true meaning and difference of these words are deep rooted in His love.

Loving and Liking Someone Are Two Different Actions

God said we don’t have to like one another, but we do have to love one another. Loving someone doesn’t mean you agree with what they say. Loving someone says, I respect you for being one of God’s children. You may not think they are worthy of your love or even His love, but He does.
When you have love in your heart, you have no room for hatred and name calling. When you have love in your heart you show nothing but kindness without even trying. It just comes naturally. When you have love in your heart, you find joy and peace that passes all understanding. When you have love in your heart, you understand what it is to love radically.
Love Others So Radically They Wonder Why

Love Others So Radically They Wonder Why

We should always love radically! So radically that people wonder why we love them so much. Thinking of that brings up a memory of mine. Before I was this happy, wonderful person than I am today. Um, I can’t even say that with a straight face. You believe that right? I was about to marry Chris and all of these people that loved Chris would come up to me and say: We’ve been praying for you for years. We love you. As they would say this I would think to myself: Why do these people love me so much? They don’t even know me! And why have they been praying for me?

Love Others So Radically They Wonder Why

But, now I know better! As my relationship and love for God has expanded, my understanding has too. They love Chris, so they wanted the best for him, of course. And they respected the fact that I was God’s child and He loves me therefore, so did they! They had been praying for me, because again, they love Chris and they wanted the best for him. Now that I’ve gotten to know God more, I understand why they prayed for me and loved me and still love me so. They loved me regardless, unconditionally and radically.
We have to love unconditionally. We have to love radically.

Learn to Love Through Jesus

If you love Jesus, you should have no problem doing so. And if you do have a problem doing so, it’s okay! It’s hard sometimes! So just pray through and let God show you how to love others radically. We are human, not perfect! It’s always going to be harder for us, but it can be done. God said we have to love them, but we don’t have to like them. When you get to know God more you will figure out the difference between those two little words!

Love Others So Radically They Wonder Why

So yeah, I will continue to show love even when others don’t deserve it through our own sins. I will even show love to the person that called me names today by praying for them. Do I like them?! Nah! I will be honest, I would rather surround myself with people who are kind and show love. Wouldn’t you? What do you think? Wouldn’t it be amazing? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we could just love radically?