I so wish I could say that I came up with this project and that I was smart enough to think this one up on my own but….. not so much! Although I did not come up with it, I adapted it for our house and made it into the best DIY Kid Friendly Felt Christmas Tree Craft & Decoration for our family. The blog I got the idea from is no longer around or I would send a huge shout out and say “thank you”, because this tree has made entertainment for my little ones for at least a good three years, (updated: 5 years now) so far.DIY Kid Friendly Felt Christmas Tree Craft & DecorationKids can use their imaginations when decorating this Christmas tree. They cannot mess it up and they can make it their own! Christmas is a great time to get out those crafts and make them your own! So why not start here?

Best part about this project is that it is super-duper easy!

Kids’ Felt Christmas Tree Craft & Decoration


  • large piece of green felt
  • Several different colors of felt for the presents and tree decor
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • command strips

How To:

  1. DIY Kid Friendly Felt Christmas Tree Craft & DecorationI went to Hobby Lobby and bought a huge piece of green felt and lots of bright-colored felt for the ornaments and presents. (Of course, don’t forget to bring your coupon. Go HERE if you do not have one.)
  2. I picked the wall that the Christmas tree would go on so, I could decide how big or skinny the tree would be.
  3. I got a very willing and helpful husband to draw and cut out the felt into a Christmas tree. Not because I couldn’t do it myself, but because if it didn’t turn out right I could blame someone else. Just kidding! He’s just better at that kind of stuff than I am.
  4. After, I started cutting out ornaments and presents and even brought the glue gun out for some extra embellishments. Get crafty here! Make it your own!
  5. Then, I bought Command Strips and hung the Christmas Tree on the wall. Arrange the presents and ornaments around the tree.
  6. Voila! You have entertainment for the little ones!

DIY Kid Friendly Felt Christmas Tree Craft & Decoration

This is probably the cheapest Christmas entertainment for the kids we have ever had. They look forward to us getting the tree out every year. This is THEIR tree that THEY can decorate and call their own.

Get creative with this project and make it your own. I have even seen some make it into Disney Inspired Felt Christmas Tree. If you are Disney crazed like my family you will love the Disney theme!

Added Bonus:

Happy Christmas crafting! If you decide to make your own Felt Christmas Tree please send me a picture on social media. I would love to see how others adapt this tree to their home!

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