As most of you may know if you follow me on Instagram and IG Stories, I am a true coffee fan! I really wasn’t a true fan until I had my twins. Imagine that, huh? Who would have thunk it!

But any who, I am a coffee fan that loves a little bit of creamer but, not all of the toxins that come along with store bought. So I decided to make my own and this one turned out a heck of a lot better than all of the other recipes I have ever tried. All of the rest of the homemade clean eating coffee creamers have been a complete flop! And might I mention this one is cheaper too! So without further ado…..

How to Quickly Make Homemade Vanilla Coffee CreamerHomemade Vanilla Coffee Creamer



  1. Mix all ingredients in blender.
  2. Once blended store in an airtight container in fridge.
  3. Lasts for two weeks.

There you have it…….clean, vegan and gluten-free homemade coffee creamer! Enjoy!

Pair this with a good cup of coffee! And while you are at it, make this tasty Heart Healthy Gluten Free Chocolate Torte Dessert, then you have a great little afternoon treat! 

Ready to jump on the clean eating wagon? Check out my Clean Eating Quick Start Guide. Packed full of tips and tricks to get you on your way to eating healthier! You deserve it, mama!

Until next time….



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