Anxiety and Stress

So I have been blogging for a while and  I have never really touched on the subject of anxiety. I have talked a bit about it on my social media platforms but, never in full detail. Anxiety is a powerful thing and I never knew how powerful until it struck me. Now let’s back up a wee bit and let you have a little bit of the back story. Anxiety has always been there but, it didn’t really surface or show itself until I was married and had kids. It had nothing to do with them but, the situations. The situations I could not control. Like, two babies crying at the same time and you can’t figure out why. Or the fear of having a car accident with my family in the car, I could control my actions but, not the actions of others, so I wanted to just stay in the house all of the time. Or the way people saw me. All of those situations I could not control. All of those situations made me crazy because, I could not fix it, prevent it or stop it from happening!

 Today is a new day! A new week! And a new month! I’m setting my intentions now. I am working on: 1) Being the best me…

I would literally make myself sick with worry. I would get so worked up that sometimes I was absolutely paralyzed. I couldn’t take another step. I could hear my babies crying or my three-year old telling me she spilt her water but, I just couldn’t take a step forward. This is hard to understand. If you have never had an anxiety attack it is really hard to fathom I am sure. For the person that is going through the anxiety it is really hard to even describe it!

I have tried everything and I mean everything to try to “cure” my anxiety or help me on the spot. But, nothing ever worked. And I mean nothing! It was until I started speaking to God about helping me, that things really started to change. Through God I realized that my body is a temple, that included, my mind, body and spirit man. My health was not just about my body but about my relationship with Him and the way I saw myself. I saw myself as ugly on the inside and out. I didn’t have the relationship I wanted and needed with God. And my body was so out of shape and it was way over due for a tune up, I couldn’t use the excuse, ‘I just had twins’ anymore! It was time to get a makeover!

I started talking to God and asking Him to show me how to fight this ugly thing that kept creeping up. I started eating better and dialing into good clean eating. I started exercising again, my body as well as yours is made to move and it needed to move. From there I started seeing changes not only in my anxiety attacks but, in my physique too! But, all the while LIFE was happening all around me and I continued to have these attacks, because I was still not giving all of my control up, I still was not giving my whole life to God.

Blowing off steam helped in my workouts, YES, eating what God gave me to eat on this earth helped (eating clean), YES. But…… I was still holding onto things and thinking I can fix certain things of my life on my own. I wasn’t fully giving up control to God!

Fast forward a bit, I still deal with some anxiety. It doesn’t affect me everyday anymore but, it does creep in on some days. On those days I have to ask myself, “What am I not giving up to God?” Usually the answer to that question is the one thing that brings on the attack!

Life is stressful! Life is messy! And life always throws curve balls! Now I know that I can fight this crap off of me! And I mean CRAP! I call it what it is!

So if you can relate to this post here is my advice to you.
Never stop working out, even on the days when your anxiety is the worst, force yourself to do it!  Eat clean, make sure your body is getting proper nutrition, vitamins and nutrients, because that will naturally affect your body. And ABOVE ALL, seek God! Seeking God should be first and foremost! Always!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or therapist and nor do I claim to be! If you are struggling with anxiety or depression and you feel you need medical attention or advice please do so! I fully support the power of prayer, as well as medical attention!

Find someone you can trust, your Pastor, Doctor, Friend or Family. Don’t just suffer in silence! Anxiety is a real thing and the mind can play awful tricks on you as you are going through a season of anxiety attacks. My husband and God helped me through it and I pray you have someone as well! My door is always open too. Please email me at [email protected] for any support and motivation you may need. I can definitely be your cheerleader! 😉

Until next time….


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