This is not the normal post from, but it is super fun! The Holiday Season is almost upon us and if you are looking for something different you need to check it out and leave the same old, same old, behind! Vanda is here once again to share one of her favorite crafty gifts!Homemade Gifts: Mason Jar Christmas Cocktail/Drinks

Homemade Gifts: Mason Jar Christmas Cocktail/Drinks

Yes, it’s the Holiday Season. So, what better way to cope with it, errr, I mean CELEBRATE, than with alcohol?! Of course I am kidding. This is my most favorite time of the year, but it can get expensive with all of those gifts we have to buy. Cut the costs and make it! If you’re like me, you are so sick and tired of getting and giving the same body wash, perfume and socks. Try something fun and imaginative this year! I promise, even the Grinch will LOVE this one!

What Ya Need:

Can Drinks: Be imaginative! There are literally TONS of possibilities. Such as a Starbucks espresso and a little Irish Creme! Another all time favorite is “Cola and Crown”. If you want to really do this cheaply, grab those off brand sodas. I agree!! Everyone has a story. Sometimes those stories need to be told in order to help someone else. Never be afraid!

Cute Ribbons and Straws: I purchased these at Hobby Lobby (you can find these on clearance-yep, CHEAP!).Homemade Gifts: Mason Jar Christmas Cocktail/Drinks

Mason Jar: Grab these at your local store or even try a thrift store. You might even have some leftover jars from canning over the summer!

LIQUOR: This is the fun part! Run to the liquor store and grab some “little” bottles of various liquors.

How To: Simply place the canned drink in the mason jar, tie a pretty ribbon around the rim of the jar and place the straw and the liquor bottle inside the ribbon.

Get Crafty

Get even more crafty and print out labels from your computer. You can also purchase labels from Hobby Lobby!

Perfect Gift For I agree!! Everyone has a story. Sometimes those stories need to be told in order to help someone else. Never be afraid!

  • Dirty Santa
  • Teachers (might want to think about giving two of these to your favorite teacher! HA!)
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Godparents
  • Neighbor
  • Mail Person/Delivery Driver (Make sure to give this gift after work hours)
  • Hair Stylist
  • Yourself! Yes, you KNOW you deserve a little treat!

This list goes on and on! Who are we kidding? You KNOW this is perfect for just about anyone on your shopping list (as long as they are over the legal drinking age of 21).

So, there you have it!! A super fun, crafty AND inexpensive gift. I hope you have enjoyed it!

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