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familyHi there, I’m Mandi. I’m a Wife, Mom, Child of God, Disney Fanatic, and Smoothie Addict  😉

I was born and raised in the deep South so you’ll feel right at home here. Trust me, if there was a way to offer you some sweet tea and a snack through the computer, you’d be sittin’ at my dining room table already wonderin’ how on Earth two little boys and one little girl could make so much noise!

Noisy though they may be, my husband, Chris and I consider them our little miracles. With only a seven percent chance of ever having kids, we pretty much hit the jackpot with these three and we are eternally grateful that God chose us to raise them.

When I’m not here on sharing recipes, devotions, and blogging about the day-to-day trials of raising twin boys and a daughter, I can usually be found on social media spreading messages of faith, love and hope, sprinkled with just a bit of pixie dust.

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