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I was honored to have been asked to guest blog on my sweet friend’s blog, Back Row Faith. This is a topic I have touched on a little bit on my blog but, not to this extreme or on such a personal level.

Hey everyone! I’m Mandi from AmandaMiddleton.me and I am so thankful to Mindi for inviting me. I am a mom of three, including a set of twins and all are six and under. (Pray for me! My husband and I are outnumbered.) I am a wife to a musician. I am an online fitness and nutrition consultant and I am a woman. (Naturally! ;-)) So with being a woman lots of things come with the territory. I wear many hats, as I’m sure you do too! As women we are the nurturer, the chef, the laundry keeper and the list goes on and on!
There is one hat that God did not intend for us to be called to do and that is to be PERFECT! Most women want to be or strive to be the perfect woman, the perfect wife, the perfect mother and so on and so on. We want to have the perfect life and the perfect body and those things, I hate, to say DO NOT exist. For many years in the fitness industry and the performing arts profession had a horrible perception of what a PERFECT body was. Day-in and day-out I looked at myself in the mirror. While I was performing, I did nothing but look at the imperfections of my body. I always wanted to change this or that and never focused on the good. It turned into vanity and somewhat of an idol. I was more focused on my image than God and that was a scary place to be.
Take Care of the Vessel God gave you imperfections and all
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