God's LOVE Always Endures!

Boy, what a year! When I look back on this year I see so many blessings wrapped up in small packages and some that are HUGE! I see broken hearts but, hearts so FULL they are about to bursts.

But, most of all I see God’s love! God’s love has been ever-so faithful and sustaining! Even through hard times, He always comes through.

For the last four years of my husband and I’s marriage we have endured a lot of emotions, some happy and some sad. We have endured full-blown rejection but, also acceptance. We have endured anger but, also happiness. We have endured confusion but, also affirmation. We have been broken-hearted but, also full-hearted. We have been in fear but, have had faith. We have doubted but, found hope. We have been in disbelief and in amazement of God’s faithfulness to us and our family. But, most of all we have experienced joy. So much joy! And through all of these emotions one thing has stayed true and that is God’s love!

Lost Friends

We have lost friends and family but, also gained new ones in the process. We have learned that people come and go but, God’s love stands firm and true. The only thing we can count on is God’s love!

As I was writing this I asked Chris to help me remember the emotions we went through these last four years. We found ourselves reminiscing and remembering the good and the bad times. But, most of all God’s love!

Taking Life Lessons from God

Friends and family must have wondered a time or two if we cared, because we didn’t text or call. But, in all truthfulness we were taking life lessons from God. Lessons that were so hard to study some days. Lessons that were so painful some days, I wondered if God was thinking “wow these kids, they need to get it together….” but, in all truthfulness He was patient and again His love endured.

God Has Big Plans 

I tell you all of this because I believe God has big plans for 2016. He has big plans for my family and yours, our country, this world and most of all YOU! He believes in you! He created you to do great things! God’s love always endures!

So when God gives you life lessons are you ready? Are you ready to turn off the noise and the self-doubt and step into His path? Will you see God’s love in all of your emotions and trials?

Make this a year of Faith, Joy and Love! 2016 is going to be YOUR year!

Until next time…



Find out how Chris and I found wellness through Mind, Body and Spirit, HERE. We are not perfect but we have finally found some balance and it feels really, really good. 😉

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