Okay so yes, I just took my daughter’s first day of school picture…. wait for it… YESTERDAY! You know the picture, the one you want to hang on your wall to document all of the years your children spent in school. Yes, I know it’s October. Yes, I know she’s been in Kindergarten for months now. Yes, I know I am mom-of-the-year. Oh, I got carried away with that last one!


  • I’m the mom that looks at recipes and has every intention of making them but, they don’t get made.
  • I’m the mom that every year wants a family Christmas picture but, it doesn’t get done.
  • I’m the mom that doesn’t have any intentions of sending Christmas cards, because I’m a realist,  I know it won’t get done.
  • I’m the mom that buys the crafting supplies to make my next craft and I forget about even starting the craft and then wonder what I bought the supplies for in the first place.
  • I’m the mom, as you know, that has great intentions of getting a first day of school picture on the FIRST DAY of school but, it doesn’t get done until OCTOBER!
  • (My personal favorite.) I’m the mom that buys Christmas gifts and after Christmas finds the gifts “hidden” in the closet or the garage!

You know what bothers me about that list above? NOT A THING! I have happy kids and great memories with them.

Who says moms have to have it all together?

Who says we have to be perfect?

Perfect is in the eyes of the beholder! My God believes I am perfect even with all of my “mom flaws”.

As my tag line says: This site is for the women and moms who push aside a perfect pretty life & claim an imperfect beautiful one instead!

Mine is beautiful! How about yours?

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