I know I have a lot of new readers and followers, so I wanted to introduce myself and say thank you for being here!
My name is Amanda, my friends and family call me Mandi! I am a wife to an awesome husband and a mom to three busy kids, including a set of twins. I combine faith, family and fitness into my everyday life because, that is what I am all about! I believe health comes from the mind, body and spirit and with God all things are possible. My love of fitness started at a young age with a career in the performing arts and has continued through my adult years. I have been in the fitness industry for 15+ years and have always had to work for the body I have always wanted! Fast forward three kids later, including a set of twins and I have to work even harder! It gets done, though! Some days I may have a kid hanging off of me while I do a push up but, hey this is real life! I  would love for you to join me on my journey to health, because I believe we are all still on our journey to better health!
Here’s what this blog is all about:
1. Faith: I am very strong in my faith, God always comes first! I love telling our testimony and how He works in our life everyday.
2. Family: I am the real mom that will tell you like it is. I have three kids and I make no excuses. Some days are awesome but, others are tough! I want to celebrate them all! I have twin 3-year-old boys and a six-year-old daughter, my house is hopping! Chris and I take it in stride and know that we are outnumbered! Yikes!
Photo on 5-18-15 at 11.40 AM #4 3. Fitness: I want to take care of the body I have, you only get one! I love working out and how it makes me feel. I post a lot about my new workouts, the flops and the keepers.
4. Nutrition: I feel so sluggish when I don’t eat well. I love to fuel my body with “good for me” foods and find ways to present them to the family!
5. We have food and environmental allergies and asthma in my family and I try to find self-healing tactics to cure all of them with God’s guidance. It is a process but, it’s for the health and well-being of my family.
Photo on 7-29-15 at 4_Fotor 6. I love to talk about my mistakes (Yes, you are welcome. :-)): Parenting Mistakes, Fitness and Nutrition Mistakes, My Insecurities and short comings, hoping it will help or inspire someone else! We are all human and we are so hard on ourselves at times. I am a woman who battles anxiety, each day is a blessing. By His stripes we are all healed! I have a testimony to share and I love to share it!
7. I share a lot of inspiration and funny stuff! I love to laugh and to keep a positive attitude, even though I don’t succeed at it everyday, but I keep plugging at it and trying. I believe we are here to help bring laughter, smiles and inspiration to each other. I am just a vessel and I yearn for God to use it!
IMG_5891 8. Disney: Every once in a while I may talk about Disney because, My family and I are a little crazed… to say the least.. 😉 Anyways……So there you have it, enough about me, tell me about you!

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