I have always worn a very minimal amount of makeup. During my performing arts days, my mother would have to send me back to my dressing room to put more makeup on. Even when I started my professional career in performing arts I remember the director sending me back to my dressing room with a frown and disbelief that I had put on such little blush.

I’ve always liked makeup , but I have always wanted it to look more natural. Fast forward many years later and I still love the natural makeup look, but these days I also love embracing a makeup–free, or very minimal makeup, face! The older I’ve gotten the more confidence I have gotten going with less or no makeup! It’s amazing what a little age will do to ya, huh?! 🙂 If you watch any of my Instagram Stories you know I go all natural a lot! And if you don’t watch them… well why aren’t you?! It’s time you did!

I love being able to see my freckles and counting them with my kids. My kids and I are all a bit freckly. We call them angle kisses and mommy has quite a few of them. Over the years I have gotten more and more and quite frankly I am kinda proud of them. Long gone are the days that I was so ashamed of them as a kid. I hated them since all of my friends didn’t have them. But, now I know better! My freckles give me personality and make me unique, so why not show them off!

Embracing My Freckles With Coconut Oil Based Beauty

Coconut Face Cream, Coconut Cleansing Oil, Coconut Rose Toner, Lip Glossy

I have always had oily and acne-prone skin, so I never thought I would be able to use any kind of coconut products on my face. But, boy was I wrong!

Three months ago my skin started looking very dull and it had lost it’s luster. The heart medications had started taking a toll on my skin, hair and nails (we will talk about hair and nails soon, so stay tuned) the last eight months. I no longer had any shine or buoyancy to my skin. It was flat, dull and luster-free. I started looking around for a new skincare regimen. I kept seeing amazing reviews about Kopari Beauty, so I decided to give it a GO!

All Kopari products contain100% natural coconut oil and leaves your skin feeling amazing! Kopari does their best to keep their products as natural as possible without compromising on performance. As the natural and “green” beauty market is expanding, I try to keep all of my skincare products aligned with that goal in mind. 

Coconut Face Cream

I am very picky about face cream and lotions due to having oily and acne prone skin. I have even been known to not wear any lotions or creams at times on my face and honestly that wasn’t a great choice especially with “aging” skin. This cream is very refreshing and did not leave a shiny finish. Sometimes when you hear the words “coconut oil” you expect the products to be greasy. But, this cream did not leave any greasy look or feel to it at all!

Coconut Rose Toner

I also really like the Coconut Rose Toner as a refresher. This product is great to use in the summer when my makeup has melted from the heat and humidity, but I want a refresh without caking on another layer of BB cream or powder. I am at Disney World right now and I have used this toner multiples times during the day and it works great! 

Coconut Cleansing Oil

I love using this cleansing oil to take off my makeup after a long day. It takes everything off with three little pumps, even that pesky mascara I love!

Lip Glossy

I am a Carmex junky… well correction I WAS a Carmex junkie…. until I was introduced to this amazing stuff! I wear this A LOT! The more you put on the glossier it gets. I love using my favorite lipliner and putting this Lip Glossy on top for an added shine. Perfect for day and night!

Final Thoughts

I am in love with Kopari beauty products! All of them have such a pleasant smell! I truly love using them. They leave my skin feeling so clean and fresh. And I have seen a huge improvement in the buoyancy and health of my skin since I started using these products! Heart medications have reeked havoc on my skin, but not anymore! Heart medication tragedies do not stand a chance when you use Kopari Beauty!

I am looking forward to trying even more products from Kopari Beauty, like the Coconut Deodorant, the Coco Oil Pullers, the Coconut Balm or the Coconut Body Milk! You can also try all 4 of the products shown in the photo above by picking up the Coconut Skincare Essentials Starter Kit!

Make sure you use my link for $10 off your first order: https://www.talkable.com/x/UPWEEj !

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