cucumber and tomato

Do you have “stinkin thinkin?” Yeah, I know that’s a loaded question! I actually cackle to myself when I think of “stinkin thinkin” because I think of the Pastor I know that used to say it all of the time in his sermons. The first time I heard it, I realized, brace yourselves…. here it comes, I…. HAD…. STINKIN THINKIN! AHHHHH! Yes, you know what “stinkin thinkin” is, it’s when you are always thinking negatively! You know the ones, “God would never do that for me. He only does that for other people.” “I will always live like this, no money, no job or spouse, ” Or ” I can’t go after that job, I’m not qualified enough.” Do you get it now? Good, so now we move on!

“Stinkin Thinkin” is a dangerous state of mind, it’s where we put limits on God not just ourselves! We put limits on the talents God gave us. When we stay in a state of “stinkin thinkin” we are always negative, we are always doubting ourselves and even doubting God. He made us in His perfect image. Who are we to put limits on ourselves and Him?

I write this because I struggle with this way of thinking some days. I have such “stinkin thinkin” I’m almost rotten! It usually comes on the days that I’m insecure about something I am doing that day or when I let other people’s’ feelings dictate the way I feel. I have gotten to know the triggers to my “stinkin thinkin”. Do you know your triggers? I challenge you to think about it and to pray about it, let God show you so you can stop your “stinkin thinkin” dead in its tracks next time! So my question is, do you smell like Larry the cool cucumber or Bob the rotten tomato? (Don’t tell Bob I called him rotten, he really isn’t!) Until next time follow me on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest! BTW, here’s a link to the real Larry and Bob at VeggieTales. There’s some fun games and such for your little ones!


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