Today, I want to propose a question that weighs on my mind everyday! Do you share pictures of your kids on social media or on the internet in any way?I ask this not because I am judging in any way, (You know that’s not me) but because I am really curious.

As you know I have three kids but, I have yet to post pictures of them here on this blog, my Disney blog or on my FacebookTwitter, or Instagram accounts. I hold my kids at a totally different level than I would anything else in my life and I am very protective, as I’m sure every parent is. I have had many people say to me: But Mandi, you are not trusting that God will protect them if you hide them from the world. My answer is always; It’s not that I do not trust God but, I do not always trust other people’s actions. God gives everyone free will.

Some people think Chris and I are way too protective over our kids but, I feel it is my duty as a parent to protect my children and being overprotective is in the eyes of the beholder.

Again, I don’t ask this question to judge anyone in any way, I am just curious of your thoughts on this matter. (I am not saying it is right or wrong to share your kids pictures on social media at all!) It’s always good to hear a fresh new perspective on subjects you hold dear.


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