I’m a firm believer in organization around here. Clutter in the house makes my mind cluttered. Yes, I know it sounds weird but, it’s the truth. Clutter makes me moody! Having three kids under the age of five, needless to say, there is lots of clutter. Toys are on the floor most of the time and I have had to let a lot of things go, when it comes to my crazy organizing ways. But……. I am here to say I have implemented some organizing skills in my children that have stuck, so I guess I am doing okay. One being my daughter’s costume play station. We get compliments on it all of the time and when I tell people it’s the simplest and cheapest thing ever they are stunned.

I got this bright idea one day to make this cute little costume play station and then I got real and realized I will never make that. I love it, if someone wants to make this for me, hey go for it! But, I knew I never would! So I was on a mission to find a substitution and while scouring the isles at Target I came up with an idea and here it is:


Step One: Go and buy an adult hanging rack, this one came from Target.Step two: Take it out of the box! Duh!Step three: Put it together but, don’t assemble the middle side pieces that make the hanging rack taller. Now it’s just your child’s size.Step four: Hang their favorite costumes on it.

Step five: Find a corner to nestle it in, it’s on wheels so they can always pull it out and play!

Voila! Simple as that! I also put decorative boxes underneath for hats, gloves and accessories and such! You could also use it for their hanging clothes if you don’t have a closet for your child’s clothes. It’s on wheels so it would be easy access!

Okay so I’m sure someone else has come up with this idea before or it’s on Pinterest already, if it is don’t burst my bubble. I would still like to think I am brilliant and had a great idea!

If you decide to use this in your home send me a pic, I would love to see how other people implement this idea into their own home!


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