Everyone who knows me, knows I am rough on two things. Phone cases and sunglasses!

It never fails, I break them in less than a week after I buy them and honestly that is being rather generous.

I love shopping the Target dollar bins for phone cases and TJMaxx for designer sunglasses. Because as soon as I walk out of the store, I am going to drop my phone case or sit on my sunglasses that I just bought. I know, I know! Call me crazy! It won’t be the first time!

I find myself never spending a lot of money on these two items, because… well you know!

So with all of that being said….

I am not the best person to have try out a phone case to review, but SafeSleeve was brave enough. So I said, okay and may the force be with your phone case. It may have come home to die in my possession. But fret not, no harm was done to the phone case!

I have to admit I was a bit of a skeptic before I tried it. But when it arrived and I used it for a few days I knew I was sold!

Cell Phone Cases Typically Come To My Home To Die But Not Today

What Is SafeSleeve?

SafeSleeve offers various types of cases (cell phone, tablet and laptop) that have been designed to block radiation. SafeSleeve’s technology has been tested in a FCC recognized laboratory to show reduction of Electromagnetic Radiation by up to 99%.

SafeSleeve’s mission is to provide the world’s leading cases for radiation shielding effectiveness, style, and quality. And in my book, they are on their way!

Safesleeve’s cell phone cases also come with RFID blocking wallets built-in, as well as a kickstand functionality, so you can watch videos on the go.

Cell Phone Cases Typically Come To My Home To Die But Not Today

Cell Phone Cases Typically Come To My Home To Die But Not Today

I had been on a mission to find a phone case that would block radiation but function the same, if not better than other cases like it. I found one in SafeSleeve.

Mandi Verses SafeSleeve

This phone case has been dropped and has had chocolate spilt on it from no fault of my own (you believe that right?) all in the first day! True story! When I dropped the case,  my phone never budged out of the phone case. It held itself in place therefore never shattered my phone and all was right with the world. And as for the chocolate, it wiped right off and was never to have been seen again. Well at least until the next day.

SafeSleeve is easy to open and close. And as you close the front flap to protect yourself from radiation and talk on the phone you can still hear the other person talking and they can hear you too!

Magnetic Cell Phone Car Mount

SafeSleeve was even nice enough to send me a mount for my car. Again the magnet is strong enough, just like the phone case. It won’t move as you drive down the road. The magnet is strong enough to carry the weight of the phone. No more sagging phone as you hit a bump in the road!

SafeSleeve products falls under “quality”, yet a necessity in my everyday life. My work relies on technology, so I have to protect myself and my family.

It protects you against radiation, it is durable and it will last past a day in Mandi’s world. That my friends is a winner in my book. I will be getting one for all of our electronics and devices in our home very soon!

Try one out for yourself!

Promo Code Just For You

Safesleeve was nice enough to share a Discount Code with all of my readers: “faithnpixie1” for a 10% discount. Click any of the links in this article to snag your SafeSleeve item. (For an updated list of deals on SafeSeeve’s items, CLICK HERE.)

Look at that. My phone case is still going strong. The force has been with it this whole time! (No phones cases were harmed during this review.)

Until next time….




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