After I had my twins, I was at home with three little ones under the age of three and I found myself needing essentials, you know food, clothes and underwear. But yet, I couldn’t always get to the store to get them. And let’s face it, my husband and I had good intentions. Intentions being, when Chris got home at night one of us would go to the store alone. Realistically that didn’t always happen. Honestly, it rarely happened. We were tired and exhausted from taking care of three babies and working, but we still needed toilet paper and diapers, and the list went on and on. We were tired, worn out and quite frankly we didn’t even want to put on pants. So that is where Ebates came in…..

Ebates became my friend! I would go to Ebates, enter in my login, find the store I wanted to buy from, click on the shop, do the shopping and voila! After my transaction was done, I would receive an email stating how much I had spent. The best part was it told me right away how much cash back from Ebates I would receive. Cha-Ching!

Ebates sends you a check or you can have it direct deposited into your PayPal account quarterly. That’s it! Seriously, it’s that simple! Not hard at all!

I am a huge skeptic when it comes to these kinds of sites, but this one really works. The best part is there is no hassle at all. Anytime I get any money back, I put it straight into our Disney Fund. I mean where else would it go around here?

I shop at stores like, Vitacost, Walmart, Target, Sephora and JCPenny’s through Ebates. It makes life a lot simpler. Sometimes you can even catch free shipping on the sites you are using or add a coupon! That makes shopping with Ebates even better! Stacking bargains, coupons, and deals is the only way to go. Try it out! I promise, you will be happy as you reap the rewards.

Before you shop on Ebates, let me help you by sharing my 10 Money Saving Hacks for Ebates. You shouldn’t have to learn these tricks when I have already mastered the art. I’m here to help you, so without further ado:

10 Money Saving Hacks for Ebates That Will Save You Big

10 Money Saving Hacks for Ebates That Will Save You Big

1) Cash Back Button: You can download the Ebates Cash Back button to your browser. Automatically see Cash Back alerts when you are shopping, compare store Cash Back amounts when searching, and enjoy one-click access to all of your account information. Forgot to start your shopping trip at Ebates and missed out on Cash Back? The button will alert you anytime you are on a store that offers Cash Back through Ebates. In some cases it will automatically be activated for you! I can’t tell you how many times I forget to go through Ebates. At the beginning of my Ebates adventure, I did not know about this button and I lost out on many Ebates discounts. So do not forget to download this button. Side Note: Keep in mind the Ebates Cash Back Button works better with certain browsers. I find it works best with Google Chrome.

2) Ebates App: By downloading the Ebates App, you can sometimes get more cash back when you shop through the app than on the site. The app also has a price comparison feature. Just click on the barcode icon in the top right hand corner and you can scan the barcode of the item you are interested in. It pulls up the price at various stores and shows how much cash back you can earn as well. This makes finding deals so easy! The app is free so what do you have to loose?

3) Refer a Friend Program: If you have a blog or you want to share your savings with your friends and family, you can do so through the refer a friend program. You can invite friends by link, email or a referral button. It’s that easy! A lot of places that offer referral programs give you store credit or rewards. Ebates gives you cash! Once your referrals make a purchase through your link, you get credit. This beats a lot of other referral programs and is well worth the little bit of time and effort.

4) In Store Ebates Cash Back: You can link your credit or debit cards and earn cash back when you shop in-store as well as online. Ebates allows you to choose which offers you want linked to your card and when you make a purchase, it will be automatically sent to your Ebates account. Check out the Cash Back In-Store Offers page for all of the offers that apply. This is great if there are awesome for in-store clearance finds.

5) Coupon Codes: Use coupon codes through Ebates by looking for the tab labeled “All Coupons, Deals and Cash Back” to the right of your screen. If you cannot find a coupon code, I have had some success through for coupon codes on Ebates.

6) Double Cash Back Store Offers: Ebates routinely offers double cash back on select stores every day. They tend to change so make sure to check out which stores are being doubled every week. They will sometimes even offer triple cash back. That can come in handy around Cyber Monday or clearance sales on various websites. I love shopping at the Disney Store with Double Cash Back on clearance items.

7) Daily Deals: Ebates also offers daily deals. Every day there is a new store that you can find under the “Hot Deals” tab that offers even more deals and cash back offers on your favorite stores.

8) Discounts on Gift Cards: Use Ebates to get cash back on your gift card purchases. Simply shop through Ebates like you normally would and instead of buying a product just add some gift cards to your purchase instead. This is a great way to save at stores that don’t normally offer decent discounts. Then use the gift card with any coupon codes to really save on your purchase. This is nice to do if you have a larger purchase like furniture or appliances that you want to save on, as well or a vacation. I always rack up on Disney gift cards and we use them in the Parks when we go on vacation.

9) Shop During Store Clearance or Discounts: Shop when there is a sale and put the Ebates offers on top and just like that your savings are doubled.

10) Use Your Rewards Credit or Debit Cards: Use your rewards credit or debit cards when making your purchase through Ebates to add to the savings. I use my Target debit card when I make purchases through Target. My Target debit card automatically gives me 5% cash back. I love stacking savings on top of beats savings. That’s a no-brainer.

I would love for you to shop with me!  So are you ready? Go to the button below and start your account and start shopping. There are a whole bunch more stores included at Ebates, I just named a few, so start browsing!

Happy Christmas shopping and happy saving!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Until Next time….
  • So here is the deal, this post is full of my referral link for Ebates. I will be honest, every time someone uses my link to sign up with Ebates and buy something my family and I get a bonus, just like I mentioned in this post. Thanks for helping me keep pants on all of us! It helps keep our standing with the public in good graces. 😉

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