10 BEST Holiday Gifts for Active WomenNeed some Christmas gift ideas for the fitness guru in your life? Check out my 10 BEST Holiday Gifts for Active Women, plus some BONUSES!

The holidays are coming up (what am I saying, the Holidays are here) and I know you want to find the perfect gift for the active women in your life. Or just hand this list over to the hubs and tell him to get-a-move-on the gift giving 😉 Merry Christmas to you!

10 BEST Holiday Gifts for Active Women

I have been introduced to some pretty amazing items and as always I like to share my thoughts, reviews and comments on everything that seems to work for me in hopes that it will inspire you in some way. These are items my family and I use, either daily or on a weekly basis. We would have a hard time living without them, they have become staples for us. So let’s get to my list…..

10 BEST Holiday Gifts for Active WomenHydro Flask

Okay I am sure you have heard me talk about my Hydro Flask on more than one occasion. I talk about it on social media and the blog a lot. I know there are a lot of water jugs out there, but this one is a staple for me. I have had the same Hydro Flask for nearly three years. (See the dent in it. Even with the dent it still works wonders.) It still works and is going strong. It keeps my water extremely cold even through hot southern Summers. I take it to Disney World every single time and it has never failed me. My kids each have a Hydro Flask and so does my husband!

Dr. Jart

Dr. Jart’s is amazing! It is great for all skin types! I use it everyday, by itself or with blush, or with all of the works! I use it even while I am working out some days. My skin is very prone to breakouts and I have very oily skin but, this is the only BB cream that keeps the breakouts away. No matter your skin type or color tone Dr. Jart is always a perfect match. Love this stuff! I never EVER, EVER go without it! Trust me, it works!

FlapJacked Mighty Muffins

These Mighty Muffins are a recent and new discovery for me and they are SO good! I cannot tell you the surprise I had when I recently tried these for the first time! They are SO, SO, SO GOOD! They are packed full of protein and they are GLUTEN FREE! Even better! I eat mine for breakfast ,after my workout, for some added post workout protein or just a small snack that will not load you up with empty calories. I am telling you….. Mighty Muffins are so worth it!

21 Day Fix

If you have seen any of my posts on social media or have been reading here for any amount of time, you probably are aware that I love the 21 Day Fix Program and here is why……The 21 Day Fix has 30 minute workouts. (Who doesn’t like that, right?!)

  1. It works! When I do this workout program the right way, I GET RESULTS!
  2. The nutrition is simplified and the containers are awesome! As a matter of fact, I use the containers even when I am doing other programs and not this one.

Although, I do not use the 21 Day Fix everyday, when I start this program and stick with it for 21 days, I know I WILL get results.

Cocoa Powder

This Cocoa Powder is awesome! I add this to my protein shakes when I am needing a pick-me-up or add it to my coffee in the morning for added flavor. For an added bonus it is good for me, so win-win right?! I make a mean Chocolate Frappuccino with this Cocoa Powder too! I sometimes replace my pre-workout formula with this Cocoa Powder, it is that powerful! But, make sure you do not consume this after 3pm, I learned the hard way!

Athletic Shoes for Weight Training

I love my athletic shoes! I wear them all of the time! Considering I am always in workout gear, these Nikes are a MUST. I am now on my third pair. They come in many colors. I especially love the pink and teal colors. I use my Nike Flex’s when I am doing a lot of Plyo’s and weight training.

Athletic Shoes for Everyday

I have my Adidas‘, for all-day everyday. If I go walking with the family or if I am walking at my favorite vacation spot I wear my Adidas‘. They are so comfortable! These are my new babies, I invested in recently just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month. These are apart of the Pink movement and proceeds from the sale of the shoes go to Breast Cancer Research.

Athletic Shoes for Running

I have not tried these Hoka One One Challenger’s but my friend Kristin, who blogs about runDisney, says they are all of the rage. I am about to invest in these bad boys. I think they are super cute! Have you tried them? What did you think?

Workout Apparel

I love my graphic tees and workout apparel! I am pretty dorky when it comes to workout attire. I have tanks with graphics, sayings and even Disney style tanks to workout in. But my favorite has to be my tanks from Cross Training Couture. I am a lover of Jesus and sweat, so hey these tanks were a given!

Heart Rate Monitor

Every fitness Queen needs a heart rate monitor. This heart rate monitor has been awesome! I wear it even with my Fitbit. It seems to get a more accurate heart rate for me and even has bluetooth.



Everyone needs an amazing blender for green smoothies, purees or salad dressings that go along with your clean eating regimen. It is a must to have one that works properly and doesn’t leave green chunks in your green smoothie. This one might come with a price, but it is a must and works better than any other blender I have ever used. I use my Vitamix every single day, sometimes twice a day. I use it so much I leave it on my counter honestly, right there along with my coffee pot. I promise you won’t have to replace this one and if you do it comes with a warranty. Well worth the money!


Whether you are on a good run or working out at home I love wearing headphones so I can listen to podcasts or my jams while I am exercising. Beats are better than any other brand in my opinion. It cancels out the outside noise and stays on your head while you are doing any type of exercise.


Everyone needs a good protein mix to use as a base of their green smoothies. My favorite these days has to be the Tone It Up products. They are vegan and gluten free and most importantly, it tastes good. Not like some of that nasty chalky stuff!

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There you have it! All of these items I completely believe in, I have had great success with them all. All have helped me in my healthy lifestyle journey and would be a great addition to your collection or for someone you may know as a Christmas gift.

  • Side Note: Affiliate links are included in this post. If you buy the product through the link I have provided, I will get compensation for your purchase. My family and I thank you! You are helping my husband and I continue to bless others through this blog and the twins to have pants. Pants are nice! Ha! 😉