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When I first wanted to start this blog series, I will be honest, I wanted it to be all rosy and cheery. I wanted to give you all the motivation you deserved, you know the motivation where memes come from on all social media outlets and such.

But……. Can you hear the “but” coming?

I still want to help motivate you and inspire you to live your dream through online entrepreneurship, but I also want to be honest.

It’s HARD dude! It really is some days!

Hard Work Pays Off

8 Ways to Start a Life of Online Entrepreneurship Without FailingBut with A LOT of hard work, determination and patience it can be done. I was not an overnight success in this blogging game. I wanted to quite A LOT, but I knew it was a passion of mine, so even if I tried to quite I couldn’t!

I am not here to sugar coat it (y’all know that is not my style), you will fail. Yep, I said it! You will fail! Before you get your panties in a bunch, let me explain. Failures are not bad in this biz or in any biz, for that matter. Not at all! My failures ended up being the highlight and stepping stone to what I have today. If I wouldn’t have failed, I wouldn’t have grown. Grown into a better writer, grown into a better business woman or grown into a better wife and mother. Yes, this journey has helped me grow in my personal life too!

8 Ways to Start a Life of Online Entrepreneurship Without FailingI am now reaping the benefits of long hours after the kids went to bed and lots of prayer. As I said before, I was not an overnight success. The online market is saturated with blogs and entrepreneurs so I had to find my voice! And honestly y’all I didn’t know what my voice was anymore. I had kinda forgotten who I was. When you are a mom you get wrapped up in just that, being a mom. So my whole identity was wrapped up in kids, I forgot who “I” was! Not my kids fault at all, it was just a season! I had gotten stuck in a rut, as they say, and forgot who Mandi was….

So how did I get out of that rut?

I found my voice again! I found out who I was again!

I honed in on these 8 things to get me started and the outcome was amazing. It took me awhile to get there but the adventure was and is well worth it.

8 Ways to Start a Life of Online Entrepreneurship Without Failing

  1. 8 Ways to Start a Life of Online Entrepreneurship Without FailingFind your “why”: Why do you want to start this online business or blog? Go beyond, getting rich. Go beyond the physical and find out why you really want to do this.
  2. Create a goal: It doesn’t have to sound realistic, just create a goal that you can work towards. Now set a time frame and try to meet the deadline. It may be more realistic than you know.
  3. Block out the noise: Focus on your goal and move closer and closer to it. Block out the noise as you go, noise can bring on self-doubt. Some people may not understand your journey and that is okay, as long as you understand your journey, path and goal.
  4. Stop comparing: Stop comparing yourself to another blogger, mom or woman. No two women are alike and no two blogs or businesses are alike. Stop the comparing.
  5. Stop listening to the doubters:  Don’t share your plans with some people, they just don’t get it. For some people it is really hard to fathom an online business of any kind. Stop torturing yourself!
  6. Quit with the self-doubt: Stop telling yourself that your dreams are out of reach. Stop telling yourself you are just a stay-at-home mom. Stop telling yourself you don’t have time. Just STOP! Nothing is out of reach with God and goals!
  7. Don’t expect to get rich or famous overnight: If you are in this game to get rich and famous overnight you need to stop and turn around now. This is not for you! You have to have passion first and for most. But after passion you have to be willing to put in the work and time. Yes, overnight successes have been known to happen. But, guys this is 2016 not 2004, there are online businesses everywhere, you have to create a following of people that trust you before you make the sale and that takes time and effort on your part. Don’t be icky, that is not cool at all! Put in the time and love on people!
  8. Pray and then Pray some more: I believe that God lead me down this path of blogging and online entrepreneurship  and He will not allow me to quit. Boy, have I wanted to at times. But, with prayer and some more prayer He has guided me in the right direction.

Once you start honing in on these 8 things you will start seeing your voice come back. You will start noticing a shift in your business and find your direction. It’s all in the timing and in where God wants to take you. Be patient and enjoy the journey, because believe me, it will be a great journey, full of ups and downs but well worth it in the end!

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