Updated 2021: It has been 17 years now! Wow…. how time flies. These 8 things I want my kids to know are STILL important and valid until this day!

Our 10th anniversary is coming up on August 7 and I can’t help but look back on that day and smile. It has gotten me thinking and that is why I wrote 8 Things I Want My Kids to Know About My Wedding Day. My wedding day was a perfect day….it really was. I had no stress (seriously), no regrets (still until this day), it was perfect! All of the things in the world did not matter because I was marrying the love of my life, the man God chose for me. Our wedding was before Pinterest so we did not have a “Pinterest Wedding” by far, but it was the best day. Not because of the flowers or the perfect reception, but because I was marrying the man God chose for me.

We have been through many things in the last ten years, but I am so happy I am doing life with him.

My prayer is everyday, that my kids meet and fall in love with the one God chooses for them and they have the perfect wedding day, like their father and I did!

8 Things I Want My Kids to Know About My Wedding Day

8 Things I Want My Kids to Know About My Wedding Day

  1. Make your wedding day about God. Our wedding was not about the “Big Day” but was about two people being united by God. He brought us together so we wanted our wedding to be about Him, not us.
  2. Remember this day is about love, not just the love you two share, but the love you share with God and the love He has for you two as a couple and individuals.
  3. Get married in a place that has meaning to you, as a couple. We married in the church we met. It was not the church either one of us grew up in but, it had sentimental value to us. It doesn’t matter where you get married as long as God had a hand in bringing you together, He will see you through the days to come.
  4. Don’t be afraid to have fun! As we walked down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife the “Hallelujah Chorus” was cued and played. This was a surprise! (You know who you are!) Chris was 31 and I was 25, I guess it was a Hallelujah moment!
  5. Surround yourself with people who are rooting for you and your soul mate. We had a great support system. We had lots of people rooting for us! Chris and I had only known each other for five months before we married and only a month before we were engaged. Some thought we were crazy, but most of our friends and family never doubted our union.
  6. Always remember that marriage is a union-made by God. When God brings two people together in marriage it is perfectly made, there will be no doubts. People kept asking me that day if I was nervous or if I had any doubts and I answered “no” to both. I knew, that I knew, that I knew! There were no doubts, so why should I be nervous? I was more nervous about walking down the aisle and falling on my face in front of everyone than the actual union. (That would have been true “Mandi Style,” if that did happen!)
  7. All of the “stuff” is not important. It is nice, but do not make yourself crazy having all of the “things” at and in your wedding. In the end, all that matters is the union by God you two have together.
  8. Always remember daddy and I love you! We have been praying for this day since the day you were born. We know you will meet the right person and God will see you through it because, He did for us!

8 Things I Want My Kids to Know About My Wedding Day


Everyone’s wedding is different, but the meaning should always be the same. Weddings are a start to a beautiful union made by God.

Mark 10:9: Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.

These 8 things I want have not changed at all in all these years. Did you know it’s OK to be perfectly imperfect!