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7 secrets for getting the pounds off after pregnancy and keeping them off

Hey guys, Mandi here from AmandaMiddleton.me. I am so excited to be here and to share with you. Just a little about me: I am a wife, a mom of three little ones, including a set of twins, an online fitness and nutrition consultant and a Jesus follower. Whew, that sums it up in a nut shell, to say the least! My calling is to help others see the potential in themselves and to thrive through faith, fitness & all aspects of their life.

Although, when I first started this fitness and nutrition game, 15+ years ago (yikes don’t tell anyone, I’m showing my age) I did not do it for the reasons I am today. Today, I live a healthy lifestyle, because living a healthy lifestyle helps me be a better mom, a better wife and a better disciple of God! I work hard for the body I have, I take care of it by exercising and watching what I eat daily. It does not come easy everyday but, it gets done, most days anyway. I have always worked hard for the body I have, fast forward three kids later, including a set of twins and I have to work EVEN HARDER.

Here are my secrets to get the LBS off after baby and keep them off!

  1. Don’t stress! I know what you are thinking: You are nuts lady! I just had a baby! I’m stressing because, I JUST HAD A BABY! Duh! What I really mean is, don’t stress about getting the weight off right after the baby is born. My twins are three and I am still loosing pregnancy weight. You are human, don’t be so hard on yourself! Stress causes overeating, anyway! So by all means, take your time. Some people’s weight comes off easily after baby, others not so much. I tend to fall on the “not so much” side after both of my pregnancies. Your body is mending, repairing itself and finding its new normal. Yes, I said “new” normal! Your body may never go back to pre-pregnancy but, I can vouch that sometimes your body goes back together even better, embrace your matured body!
  2. Exercise is good! Let’s face it, with a brand new baby you can’t always get out into the “real world” but, you CAN still exercise. Take a walk around the neighborhood pushing your bundle of joy in a stroller. Do an at home workout video. Do PLYO drills at home. Walk or run up and down your stairs. Do Yoga with your baby. Use your baby as weights. 😉 Anything can be used as workout equipment if you set your mind to it. Use your imagination! I have lots of ideas on my Facebook Page, as well as my blogBut, remember you have to work your way up to pre-pregnancy workout abilities. Your muscles, ligaments and joints have all been under a slight strain during pregnancy. Take your time, don’t expect pre-pregnancy workouts to resume overnight!
  3. Eat Clean! I cannot say this enough! EAT CLEAN! Simple! Especially if you are breast-feeding, eat clean. You and your baby can reap so many benefits from eating clean. Have I said the words “EAT CLEAN’ enough? Are you getting that you should always eat clean? Good, then I got my point across! So what does eating clean mean? I’m so glad you asked! Eating clean is taking away all preservatives and “junk” out of your daily nutrition. Eat as many whole foods or (as I like to call them) “God sent foods” as possible. If God didn’t prepare it, rethink it. Your body will thank you for it! I loved quick meals or shakes at this time of my life and even now, because they are so simple to prepare.
  4. Respect your body. Only you and your doctor knows what is right for you and your body. You know how your delivery went, you know the recovery time you need. With that being said though, don’t be afraid to push yourself a little bit either. Sometimes, it’s just mind over matter to get a small workout done. Consult your doctor before considering any type of exercise after delivery. After I had my first pregnancy my recovery time was a lot more than after my second pregnancy so, each delivery and recovery is different. Respect your body and the work it has done and is still doing. Hey sista, you just delivered a baby and are nourishing a baby if you are breast-feeding. Respect it!
  5. Eat well-balanced meals and do not skip meals! Eat meals that have healthy portions of grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Now (or ever, in my opinion) is not the time to eliminate a food group. You and your baby need all the nutrients you can get, not to mention your figure.
  6. Don’t be afraid to look at yourself in a new light! You just gave birth to this little, sweet and adorable human being. Be proud of yourself! Motherhood is such a blessing and as moms most of us do not give ourselves enough credit. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Your life has changed, the dishes may not get done, the house may not get vacuumed and the laundry may be sky-high. So what! It will get done I promise! Don’t make yourself crazy worrying about it! (Remember stress causes overeating and weight retention.)
  7. Drink plenty of water! Especially if you are breast-feeding, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! If you are not breast-feeding you still need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your body can not heal and properly mend without proper hydration. Your muscles and joints will thank you! Although your bladder may not, just think of it as extra exercise.

If you follow these simple steps you will start to see a huge change, not only in your weight, but in your confidence. You will also be warding off postpartum depression and the aches and pains that come after childbirth. I know when I eat well and exercise daily my body feels much better from the inside and out. Exercise and good nutrition always helps my mind, body and soul. So why don’t we get up and “Just Do It” as Nike says!

I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at [email protected] Or message and follow me on social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram! I would love to hear from you.

I dedicate my career in helping women find their true potential, whether it is about their health or their own career. Please reach out to me, I would love to chat!

Thank you so much for allowing me to entertain you for the last few minutes. 😉 I am very honored to be here on Deepika’s awesome blog and thank you for having me!

*Before beginning any fitness or nutrition program please be smart and consult your doctor.* 

If you would like to visit Deepika’s website please do so at www.easybabymeals.com. She has an awesome site with a lot of ideas!

Until next time!


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