Today starts week 2 of my 60 day PiYo challenge and I have to say it has been challenging but a great challenge indeed!

Let’s start off talking about the meal plan:
I have to admit this is the one that scared me the most. I consider myself a healthy eater but, I do not always eat as many veggies as I should, that is for sure, and I am a horrible meal planner. I am a kinda spur of the moment kinda gal when it comes to meal planning. But, this meal plan is very, very simple because it is simple and totally clean eating. I have gotten kinda crafty when it comes to eating my veggies! I love fruit and some veggies but, not all veggies! So, the veggies I’m not crazy about, I have made sure, I make them a little more satisfying and plan friendly, of course. Honestly, it is a lot of food and very satisfying so there are no hunger pains. (Clean eating is a lifestyle not a diet so there shouldn’t be hunger pains!)
My family is also reaping the benefits as well! It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle so they can eat the meals, as well. It’s clean eating and clean eating is good for everyone!

The Shakeology Shakes are very good, surprisingly! I am really weird about shakes and smoothies. If they are gritty and leave a weird taste in my mouth, I’m not a fan! But, these are not bad at all. I do doctor mine up with a serving of fruit and it makes a tasty breakfast for a busy morning!


Sorry no cupcakes, peeps! 😉
The Workout:
The workout is great! Like I said last week, it combines Yoga and Pilates with an athletic twist. Most of the workouts are very short, so it is great for a busy mom! Even though they are short, do not let them fool you, they are tough. I can definitely feel the difference in my core strength already!
My overall health:
Even though the workouts are tough, I am not exhausted afterwards and I have energy to face my busy day! The food sustains me and gives me energy as well as the Shakeology shakes. This is the way working out and clean eating should be. You should have a great and healthy experience during a workout plan. If you are feeling sluggish and tired it may not be the plan for you or your body. (Just my thoughts, for what it’s worth.)
The Training and Support Group:
My Facebook group has been a huge support too! They post different things each day to the group to keep you motivated as well as tips and tricks. They are a huge help when you are not in the mood to workout or are just having an “off” day! They hold you accountable and help you through each struggle!So far, so good! I’m looking forward to another week of results and I am loving the new-found energy I have found. Oh energy, I have missed you so! Can’t wait to be back next Monday and to tell you even more good things! Until next Monday, Happy Eating and Happy Exercising !

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