Steps to New Healthier YOU this new year

The new year is coming up and I know a lot of you are gearing up and getting ready for your New Year’s Resolutions. You know what New Year’s Resolutions mean….. losing weight, getting fit, eating better, and focusing on overall health. I know some of you have other New Year’s Resolutions but, today we will focus on the health side of things.

I have been in the fitness and nutrition industry long enough to know that there is a lot of controversy around different diets, lifestyles and fitness regimens. Some rightfully so but, others are just a lot of people complaining, because honestly they aren’t ready to make a healthy change in their life. You see, first thing is first, you have to make your mind up that you want to make a change for your health. You can’t just say you are going to do it and it magically happens. Nope, it takes discipline and commitment. It takes determination and time. I have seen so many people quit before they even really start, simply because they have not made up their mind that they really want to make a change. Their doctor told them to or they say they want to, because they know they need to or because they feel it’s the right thing to do.

So how do you get your head in the game? 

Think of the outcome! Will you live longer? Hopefully, that is our goal anyway. 😉 Will you be a better parent? Yep. Will you lose weight? Most likely. Will you have more energy? Yes. Will you sleep better? Yes. Will you be an all around happier person? YES! That outcome in itself made me want to hop on the healthy train, for sure!

Do I need a plan?

Yes, once your head is in the game, you need to make a plan. A healthy lifestyle without a plan is a disaster. Take it from me….. IT WILL NOT WORK! There are way too many temptations in the world to not have a plan! Let’s face it, the things that are convenient to us are not the healthiest of choices that is FOR SURE. So be smart, have a plan!

Choose your plan wisely. Don’t go for the latest fad and diet. This is a lifestyle, it should be a lifelong commitment not, for just a season. So if your plan involves packaged meals and such, then it probably isn’t the right thing. The goal here is to get as many chemicals out of your body that you can. All of you know I drink a wellness shake called Shakeology. I choose this because there are no chemicals or preservatives in it and my whole family can drink it. Good rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t let your kids drink or eat it, don’t feed it to yourself! We read labels for our kids but, not for ourselves. Most “diet foods” are loaded with chemicals and preservatives. Choose a plan that you can incorporate into your family’s daily routine not just yours!

What plan do I use and recommend?

Good old fashion eating what God gave you! Don’t drive yourself crazy by counting calories. Eat clean, wholesome foods, that’s it!  That way, it is safe for your family to eat and you don’t have to spend money on extra meals, shakes or pills! I know what you are thinking, eating clean isn’t cheap Mandi. But, that is where you are wrong. It really isn’t bad at all if you have a plan. There is that word again, PLAN. If you need help getting started eating clean, I have just the thing for you! You can get started eating clean with my eBook, Quick Start Clean Eating Guide. Go HERE and get a FREE Sneak Peek. It could help kick your “plan” into high gear.

What next?

Make sure you don’t over do it. The goal is to be healthy. It is not healthy to be obsessive. Don’t obsess over the days that you back slide or the days you fall off of the wagon. Things happen! Life happens! Be healthy but, in moderation. Give yourself some room to breathe. If you commit to eating well 90% of the time, it will pay off. I promise! You will feel so much better. Remember, the goal is not just to look better but, to feel better!

And with that being said, on the other hand, make sure you are eating well-balanced meals that include every food group. DO NOT deprive yourself of valuable nutrients that you need! Eating a bushel of apples may not be a good idea, even though they are good for you, overdoing it is not a good idea either.

So what about exercising?

Make sure you are committed to exercising too! Don’t forget about that aspect. It’s okay if you aren’t a body builder or a marathon runner. I am neither! But, I commit to exercising every single day with the exception of Sunday, for AT LEAST 30 minutes. Use the brain God gave you when exercising, don’t find something too easy but, also not something that will hurt you either. You are your own personal trainer when you commit to exercising on your own. Join a gym, find an accountability partner, get your family to join you. Walk, run, lift weights, take an aerobics class, the list goes on and on, but, choose wisely. I love my home workouts; no getting ready to go to a gym, no finding a babysitter or packing the kids to go with me. I just put in a DVD and press play. That’s it!

My best advice?

When it gets tough and it will, DON’T QUIT! Remember why you started and keep pushing. Find someone to cheer you on and call them often. Check in with them and share your “why” with them so when it gets tough they can remind you of it.

Don’t make your plan  too rigid or it won’t work. Have fun with the process. There will be growing pains and you will make mistakes. But, it’s okay, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going.

If you fail, so what? Our society thinks failure is bad, I look at it as growth. If you are failing, you are growing. Giving up is where TRUE failure lies! Just keep going or as Dory says, “Just keep swimming!”

Need more support? Contact me, I HAVE a program that CAN fit your needs. Email me and let’s chat. [email protected]

Until next time….



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