Growing a relationship with God doesn’t have to be hard and complicated.


Grow closer to God this year. Grab your Bible and get ready to ignite your faith with one scripture for every week of the year.

Discovering God’s word for your life can be done every week

… even if it feels like your schedule only gives just a few minutes of spare time.


You don’t have to stop living your life to make daily Bible reading a priority.

When you’re running around from one activity to the next, trying to be a supermom, your mind is so preoccupied with everything else that it’s hard to find time to read your Bible.

 You know it’s important, but you don’t have the time. (Am I right?)

I’m always on the lookout for creative ways to read my Bible when I’m short on time, and so I decided to make this list of 52 scriptures – one for each week of the year. 


How This Works

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Don’t prolong this! If you haven’t read your Bible in ages, this is guranteed to be  be a great way for you to get back into reading the Word! 


Choose Your Scripture

You’re set for the entire year. You’ll look up just one scripture a week to focus on and take the time to pray and reflect on it.

Enjoy Your Time With God

 They’ll help you stay focused on God during this busy season of motherhood.



Grow spiritually this year, grab your Bible and your journal (or sticky note)  and get ready to ignite your faith with a year’s full of scripture.

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