5 ways make holidays blessed

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I missed a blog post!!!

Oh no, right?!

Every Sunday, I bring you a Faith Based Sunday post and this Sunday I totally forgot to post it. But, since it is Family First Tuesday I thought I would explain why I missed my post. It had everything do with my family, so why not? (It’s always their fault anyway! I am kidding. Incase you haven’t tuned into my sarcasm, tune it in!!!! ;-))

Sunday is always one of the busiest days around my house but, usually I don’t let it stop me from doing my blog duties. This Sunday was different. I will be honest with you……. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to get up before my kids and post a blog all the while I had a little girl in my bed. Instead I told myself I would do it later, so I could get extra snuggles from a six-year-old. But, later I wanted to spend all of my time with my family and I forgot.

This Sunday reminded me of how truly blessed I am!  I witnessed the dedication of my great-nephew. (Yes, you read right, great-nephew.) This dedication wasn’t just special, because he is family but because, this sweet baby had 2 sets of great-grandparents, 2 sets of grand-parents, a great-aunt, a great-uncle and an uncle that attended. (There is more family but, some couldn’t make it because of miles between.) AS I looked around the room I realized this baby is blessed, I am blessed, my kids are blessed.

My whole rambling point to this IS….. Family is precious!

Family isn’t always the blood you have running between you. Family comes in all shapes and sizes. Family could be friends that would hang the moon for you. Family could have adopted children. There is no written rule of what a family is, as long as the love is there, it’s a family!

5 Ways to Make the Holidays Truly Blessed…….. This time of year especially….

  • Hold your kids tighter. Thank God for them!
  • Cherish your spouse. Lift them up in prayer even more than usual.
  • Tell the people you love, that you love them.
  • Take pictures of the special moments but, don’t get so fixated on capturing the memory that you lose the actual moment.
  • Count your blessings! I promise you have MANY!

I take my family for granted Every. Single. Day. I take for granted the loud house. (My kids are so loud!) I take for granted that my  husband is home every night. I take for granted that I have a beautiful home. I take for granted the car we drive, even though it could be on its last leg. (Say a prayer or 2. ;-)) My life isn’t perfect but, I have many blessings and I am sure you do too!

Even though I don’t like that I missed delivering a blog post, I am glad of the reminder I got Sunday. Sometimes, your family needs to be held tighter and no kind of work, blog, or exercise routine (oh, did I mention? I missed that too! Gasp!!) can take your family’s place. You just have to be present for the ones you love!

My great-nephew isn’t the only one who is highly blessed! We all are! Take time to count your blessings today. What are your blessings? I would love to hear!

Until next time….



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