5 Ways to Embrace Monday Mornings

I know Monday mornings, especially, can be painful! So, I wanted to start a series called Motivational Mondays. Not, too fancy but, something to keep you on track to wellness! Wellness meaning; fitness, nutrition, mind wellness and spiritual wellness. Every week I will bring you a video containing motivation from my own experiences! Some may be short and sweet, others maybe….. well, let’s just say, LONGER. But, today I will break you in slowly!


Let’s get started……

On Mondays I find all of the excuses in the world to not workout and eat well! I mean, it’s Monday! But, just like with everything else, you have to get up and show up! Who said it would be easy anyway?!

Here are a few tips to set you off on the right foot Monday morning and every morning!

5 Ways to Embrace Monday Mornings:

  1. Sleep in your workout clothes, or at least have your workout clothes nearby. Although, I am not one to sleep in my workout clothes, I have them nearby, so all I have to do is put them on, brush my teeth and start moving. If I do not workout first thing in the morning….. most of the time it does not get done. Crush the excuses before they start!
  2. Have your first glass of water right next to your bed, start sipping and wake yourself up slowly. Sipping water first thing in the morning wakes up your vital organs and tells your body its time to get ready for the day. For an extra kick drink Lemon Water.
  3. Brush your teeth. I know some of you are thinking, “ewh gross, who wouldn’t do that, anyway?” But, if you workout from home you may feel the need to skip this, but don’t! The mint flavored toothpaste will get your senses moving and wake you up more rapidly.
  4. Whether you stay home with the kids or go to work, pack a lunch. Lunch is hard! Home or at the office, you get wrapped up in the day and sometimes you find yourself skipping meals all together or eating something that is not so good for you. Kill the cravings before they start. Pack your lunch, pull it out when you are ready, VOILA instant no-think-meal.
  5. Fill up a 20-40 ounce container full of water and set it in the fridge the night before. Pull it out when you workout and fill it back up after your workout. A fourth or half of your water intake has already been consumed before the kids get up.

Basically, here’s the secret…… make very little work for yourself first thing in the morning. That is where the excuses will find you, early in the morning. Don’t give your brain time to think! If you do, your body will wonder what you are doing and convince you to go back to bed ASAP!

Have a great Monday! You are going to rock this week!

Until next time….



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