I am asked quite often what kind of vegetarian dishes my family and I love to eat. Although we do not eat vegetarian everyday, we do enjoy however, at least one night a week when we hold the meats and consume more greens. Going vegetarian one night a week helps with the grocery bill also. If you are looking for another way to save on your grocery bill every week, try one night a week going vegetarian. You will save money by not buying meat and your body will thank you for it.

Sometimes your body needs some time to rest from digesting those big pieces of meat we all can consume everyday. I do not believe in cutting one thing out of your diet forever, however I do believe in letting the body go through a resting period from certain foods. Think of this one night a week as your resting period.

5 Vegetarian Dishes That Even A Meat Eater Would Love

5 Vegetarian Dishes That Even A Meat Eater Would Love All of these dishes can be found on my Vegetarian Dishes Board on Pinterest. I love pinning recipes, crafts and so much more on Pinterest. I am always hoping that my pins come out to be Pinterest Fun and not Pinterest Fails. I promise these recipes are not fails. They are definitely recipes your family will love! They are also easy to make, which makes life a heck of a lot easier. Am I right? Or am I right?

  1. Healthy One Pot Enchilada Pasta – Vegetarian + Gluten Free: Y’all, if you don’t make this, at least go to Peas and Crayons for the pictures. The pictures by themselves will make you drool. 

  2. The Best Black Bean Burgers: These burgers are so stinkin’ good! Fueling a Fit Fam has perfected this recipe and it is delicious. Don’t be scared of the bean burger. Give it a try! Don’t knock it, until you try it!
  3. Spinach Artichoke Quesadillas: Domestic Superhero is my hero! I mean seriously, these quesadillas are to die for! For realz! 

  4. Mexican Street Corn Tortillas: Isabel Eats had me at; ready in only 15 minutes! Yep, 15 minutes and they are fabulous! The kids will love this new twist on tortillas!
  5. Brocoli Rice Stuffed Peppers: A Spicy Perspective has “got it going on” with this yummy twist on Stuffed Peppers! 


You knew I couldn’t move forward without talking about dessert! One Little Project is a genius for introducing me to Pan Fried Cinnamon Bananas. It’s kinda like the Pringles commercial; once you pop you can’t stop. They are so, so good!

So there ya have it! Those are some of our Vegetarian faves. Do you have any? Pop over to my Instagram feed and let me know what your Vegetarian favorites are! I would love to hear!

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