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 If you follow me on social media or know me at all, you know I am a huge fan of Shakeology. Shakeology has been a lifesaver for me and my family, me particular. I have been in the fitness industry for 15+ years and I have tried just about every kind of “diet” shake, “lose weight fast” shake or exercises that promise “results” of losing ten pounds in two days. (Just some crazy examples.) I have been naive at times thinking that these things were good for me or even had a possibility of getting the “results” they promised. The only things that followed was a grumpy, starving and preservative pumped up Mandi. Not a good combination, I promise, ask Chris. Every product I tried had so many preservatives and artificial sweeteners in them that at the end of the day I felt more sluggish than when I started.you are what you eat

Years have gone by, I’m not as young as I once was, my body and mindset have changed. Being “skinny” is no longer my desire. In the profession I have always been apart of I have always had mirrors in front of me, reminding me of all of my imperfections. So being “skinny” was important but, my desire now is to be healthy. Health and beauty comes from within. Want a pretty complexion and clear skin, start from the inside. Want pretty silky hair, start from the inside. Want healthy pain-free joints, start from the inside. I have learned what you put into your body shows, LITERALLY! Don’t get me wrong, I do splurge. Thanksgiving just passed and yes, I had a piece of pecan pie. My favorite! But, on an everyday basis I try to put into my body things that will fuel my body, not cause me to be sluggish and tired all of the time. I have an active lifestyle with three children under the age of five that are active, as well! They need me!

My favorite flavor of Shakeology.

My favorite flavor of Shakeology.

With that being said, I found myself scrounging for breakfast or lunch and never fully fueling my body because of lack of time. I know what you are thinking, she couldn’t find time to make or consume food? Yes, you are correct, that’s what I am saying! I was feeding the kids and meeting their needs but, not meeting my own. (Very true for most mothers.)

Fast forward a little bit, I still have an active lifestyle but, first thing in the morning I drink my Shakeology, which takes no time to make. So, breakfast done, very quickly! Best part about it is the kids see me making a shake and then they want one too! So win-win, I make them one too. Other shakes or “diets” I tried I would never let the kids have because of the “extra” junk or ingredients that was in them.


So, let’s get started with the five things everyone needs to know about Shakeology. Hopefully all of your questions will be answered here!

What are the ingredients?

So yes, let’s get to the ingredients. (You may have to put on your readers for that ingredient list, I made it as big as I could.) Like I said before, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and all natural and organic ingredients. Shakeology is packed full of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are so much better for you when consumed in foods not a pill. So needless to say, I no longer take vitamins or minerals in a pill form any longer. I don’t need to, I am full of vitamins, minerals and dense super foods already from my Shakeology!

How much does it cost?

I know what you are thinking: Yeah, that’s great and all but, how much does it cost? I will be honest, it is more expensive than most of the shakes I have ever tried but, it is jam-packed with a lot more of the types of ingredients I want to consume. It’s your daily dose of dense superfood! And plus, I do not buy any of my family vitamins anymore, because we do not need them, so we are saving money there.

Is it only a lose weight shake?

No. Like I said before this is not a “lose weight fast” shake. It is a “get healthy” shake. If you do have some pounds to shed this shake will help in that department too. Once your body is healthy, of course, the pounds will start shedding with proper nutrition and exercise. Just think of Shakeology as a boost. My kids drink it and they don’t need to shed pounds.

How does it taste? 

My favorite flavor is Tropical Strawberry Vegan but, I really do like them all. The crew around this house is all about taste, especially Chris. If it tastes bad, forget it, they aren’t drinking it. So it says a lot that they drink the shakes at all. There are also recipes on the Shakeology website and I would be willing to share some too. I’m sure you have seen me post some extras I like to include in my shakes on social media.


Where can I purchase Shakeology?

You can purchase it, right here. I am such a fan of this product I decided to share it with others. I have never believed in any fitness products as much as I do the Beachbody line of products. (And I have tried a WHOLE LOT of them.) They are healthy and pure ingredients, with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

And if you are looking to lose a few pounds too, when Shakeology is used with Beachbody fitness programs it is always a win-win. A lot of the workouts are only 30 minutes long and are perfect for moms like you and I. I have done many blogs on different Beachbody programs. Go HERE and check them out.

If you are interested in any of the Beachbody workouts or Shakeology products please, feel free to email me at [email protected],  you can comment me through my Facebook page or find me on my Beachbody web page. Either way, I would love to hear from you!

2015 is the your year for full body health!

Feel free to comment below with any other questions you may have!


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