For those that live with social anxiety it can be debilitating to say the least. If you have lived with anxiety any given time of your life you know how lost you can feel while going through this season of life. Whether you fight it all of your life or during certain times of your life, after having kids, during social events or as you are going through a stressful time in your life, it definitely can take a toll on your mind, body and spirit!

4 Simple Ways To Combat Your Social Anxiety Everyday

Please know you are never alone! It is time we started talking and stopped acting like it isn’t there. More people suffer with social anxiety than you think! You are never alone!4 Simple Ways To Help Your Social Anxiety

How to Naturally Reduce Social Anxiety Before You Leave the House

Living with social anxiety can be a burden; one that slowly makes you a prisoner in your own home. You become more and more comfortable with staying away from others, which is fine until you discover that this level of introversion can lead to panic attacks and other anxiety-related health problems.

Want to get over your social anxieties? Read on for suggestions on how to naturally reduce your social anxiety before each time you leave the house.

Regular Exercise Has a Positive Effect on Your Mood and Mental State

Commit to an exercise program that makes you happy. Why happy? Because good workouts release endorphin hormones, leaving you with a rush of elation and a feeling that you can conquer whatever you set your mind to. Social anxiety included. Find a workout you love, such as meditative yoga or challenging kickboxing.

Ixnay Excess Caffeine and Sugars

Caffeine and sugar can make you jittery, and the crash can cause problems with both your mood and mental state. Steer clear of too much. One cup of coffee per day should be enough to get you through—despite what caffeine addicts say. While sugar should be limited to one to two times per week as indulgences like cake or ice cream. Cleaning up your diet will help clear your mind; ergo, reducing your social anxiety.

Give a Supportive Someone a Call Before You Walk Out the Door

If you find yourself dreading the moment your feet hit the sidewalk, find a supportive person you can rely on for encouraging words. Give this person a buzz on the phone whenever you feel your anxiety getting to be a problem. Ask for reassurance, seek encouragement, help in overcoming adversity, and take their words of soothing to heart.

Cuddle Your Companion Animals

Companion animals can be any kind of animal that you love—from the norm of dogs and cats, to scaly lizards and snakes, or even a tarantula. These animals are your companions. And while some of them are easier to cuddle than others, sitting with them and spending time with your pets is a good way to relieve stress and reduce your anxiety. Make it a point to give your companion pets a cuddle before you head out the door.

Please remember you are never alone! There is no reason in feeling like you are different or like you cannot combat social anxiety! You can and you will!

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