Jesus had enemies! Even the Son of God had enemies….. and yet He prayed for them. Check out 4 Ways to Help You Pray for Your Enemies.

We All Have Enemies and here are 4 ways to help!

We all have enemies and we cannot all be liked by everyone, but we should be loved by everyone, because that is what God does for us. But I am not naive, that is not always what we will get. We as disciples should always pray and love our enemies. That is the only way we can get closer to God and to be more like Jesus. BUT, it is hard. If it wasn’t hard we wouldn’t be human.

According to the Bible the soldiers who crucified Jesus did not divide his tunic after crucifying him, but cast lots to determine who would keep it because it was woven in one piece, without a seam. As they were crucifying the Son of God all that these soldiers worried about was betting on a garment. It was standard to take the garments of the crucified as a trophy or maybe they felt, who cares, what will this person need it for anyway, he is about to get crucified. No matter the reason, Jesus saw them for who they were, Human. But yet, He prayed for them. He told God that they didn’t know what they were doing.
Up until his dying hour Jesus prayed for sinners. I want to be like Jesus!
4 Ways to Help You Pray for Your Enemies