Instagram does not have to be so hard! I think sometimes we make it hard though. WAY too hard! But we also cannot  throw out just any content on Instagram and expect results. Right? So today we are going over 4 Types of Instagram Content That Converts Well.

4 Types of Instagram Content That Converts Well

IG Content is created by users of any products or services about those particular products or services. And of course, we want to create content that converts well for those products and services, right?

Type Number One: Educational

What can you teach others? Show your talents and show them well. If you are an expert at cake decorating show your expertise in cake decorating. Educational content is great to share, especially so others can find new talents and projects. Why not show them how!

Type Number Two: Storytelling

Share your story to connect and to build trust. Tell your personal stories and testimonies so you can build connections with your followers, since that is what IG is all about. The best way to build relationships is to build a common ground through your personal stories, obviously, the ones you are comfortable with telling, of course.

Type Number Three: Shareable

Quotes, memes, videos, etc. are all great shareable content. Things that inspire and encourage others are perfect shareable content. If you make great shareable content others are going to take it with them and apply it to their life. And of course, want to share and come back for more later.

Type Number Four: Sale

Are you promoting your products and pitching confidently? These types of posts should be spread out strategically so you are not trying to sell in every single post. The key here is to make sure you believe in what you are selling and then this type of content will come naturally.

Are you actually doing all four of these on your own Instagram profile? So there you have, Four Types of Instagram Content That Converts Well on your Instagram platform.

4 Types of Instagram Content That Converts Well

Let’s Chat about 4 Types of Content 

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I hope these tips help. Let me know how they work on your own Instagram account!

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