Today I planned to write about a completely different topic, but things got thrown all out of whack at my house this week. I have sick kids, and you all know what that means. I’m tired…exhausted is more like it.

I don’t have babies anymore, but at one time I had three under the age of three, and those sleepless nights came a lot. We are getting to the age where they sleep better now, but when they are sick, that all goes out the window.

Honestly, it just stinks some days. No one gets much sleep. So, today this is real life stuff. My beds are unmade, the laundry is not done, and I’m not wearing much makeup. The kids have ear infections and things like that, nothing major…but enough to make everyone miserable. Wouldn’t you rather grab some natural remedies instead of the coffee pot all day long? So, here we go,

3 Ways to Keep Yourself Sane After a Long Night With Baby or Sick Kids

3 Ways to Keep Yourself Sane After a Long Night With Baby or Sick Kids1. Peppermint Essential Oil: The number one thing I reach for after a long night is my trusty Peppermint Essential Oil. I love this stuff! Usually the day after a sleepless night, I hold tension in my neck and shoulders. I grab my favorite peppermint oil, dilute it with some fractioned coconut oil, and rub it on my neck and shoulders. I also like to carry it around and give it a little sniff every now and then. It helps with headaches, tension, and gives me a boost of energy when I’m dragging.

2.  B-12: Seriously, I can’t pass up my B-12. I take it in the morning, and again later in the day. I love this stuff, it gives me a little bit of a jolt. It also helps me from not keep reaching for the coffee pot all day long. I mean, a good cup of coffee is great, but you can’t rely on it all day long. I love coffee like the next girl, but you need to take it in moderation. You cannot overdose on B-12 so feel free to take it when you need it, just not too close to bedtime. You might have a hard time falling asleep if you do.

{I love this liquid version, because it gets into your system faster. Or you can try this chewable. Both are great and get into your system faster than a capsule.}

3. Water: As for #3, WATER is the name of the game! I keep my huge Hydro Flask container filled up all day long. Staying hydrated is super important for your health. If you are anything like me, after a long night all i want to do is lay around. Drink that water and you will be forced to get up and moving on all of those trips to the potty! Just drink it…it helps!

4. Get Dressed: I know that a lot of you are stay-at-home moms like me and it is so easy for us to fall into the habit of staying in our PJ’s all day. You must resist, especially on days like this! On the days that you are worn out, get dressed and put on a little bit of makeup. I didn’t put on much today, because i wasn’t really feeling it, but I did make an effort.

Take a shower and have a few minutes for yourself. I know it is hard! I know how it is to have sick kids at home who want to be all over you. I know how it is to want to be alone, but you have kids who need you. But mama, if you take away nothing else from this post, please take this away: You need those few moments for yourself! It is crucial to your health and your children’s. You cannot pour from an empty cup!

I can remember when the twins were little I used to put their bouncy seats in the bathroom so that I could get a shower. Do what works for you and treat yourself right Mama!

So lets recap: peppermint essential oil, B-12, water, and get dressed (yep, I gave you a little bonus in there.) If all else fails, grab that coffee, tea, whatever you need and go for it. I try not to depend on caffeine, but somedays you just have to throw in the towel and surrender!

Life is real, honestly, today the beds probably won’t get made and the laundry probably won’t get folded. But it’s okay, tomorrow is another day!

There it is, three ways (and a bonus) to keep yourself productive after a long night with your baby or sick kids. I really hope this helps. If you have any other ways to get through those rough days, drop a comment and fill me in!

Until next time…



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