Depending on what is going on in your life, confidence can come and go like seasons sometimes. It can be so frustrating! Here are 3 Ways to Find Your Confidence Again, no matter what season of life you are coming out of or are in right now.

3 Ways to Find Your Confidence Again

  1. Do not set unrealistic expectations of yourself.
  2. Hold yourself in high regard.
  3. Pray and cry out to Jesus even when you don’t know what to pray.

Today I spoke with someone and as we chatted for a bit, I realized the questions she was asking me were questions I get asked all of the time. As I answered her questions and we kept talking, I realized that a few years ago I wasn’t able to answer theses same questions, because I had very little confidence, I was a people pleaser and I was exhausted. Fast forward a few years, I am not an expert, but I definitely have more life experience and maturity. Well maybe I went too far with the maturity word????……

The Top 3 Questions I Get Asked:

  • Boy, you have a lot going on. How do you juggle it all?: My answer- I don’t!???? Between many work projects, homeschooling, family duties, etc. it’s impossible to juggle it all at the same time. I prioritize and don’t have any expectations to get it ALL done anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I have a list and deadlines just like everyone, but I make sure to not set unrealistic expectations for myself anymore. No more unrealistic expectations of my to-do list that never get done = No more disappointment. What do I do instead? I have to make lists. I have two lists actually. First list is the list I keep all of my To-Dos. My second list is the list I create every night for the day after. As I mark them off of my daily list then I can mark the tasks off of my main or running list.

3 Ways to Find Your Confidence Again


  • How did you have the confidence to start your businesses? My answer: I just took the plunge and went for it. I wouldn’t say I had confidence at the time, it came slowly after. But, I made sure I held myself in high regard and had enough respect for myself to always stay true to myself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with holding yourself in high regard. It’s not conceited, narcissistic or being self-absorbed. When you hold yourself in high regard you are having boundaries, respect for yourself and others and knowing your worth. Besides if you don’t hold yourself in high regard, who will?

    Don’t let this world or the people in it drag you down. Know your worth, stand strong and firm in God’s love and keep moving forward with you dreams and beyond.

  • I admire your faith in God. How do you keep the faith? Here’s the thing, I don’t always do a great job with this. But, I know that’s what I am supposed to do. God has done so much for me and even when I do not have the greatest faith, I pray for it! I pray and cry out to Jesus even when I don’t know what to pray. I have testimonies after testimonies that are proof of how much He loves me and has been there for me. I keep the faith because He loves me! End of story.

3 Ways to Find Your Confidence Again

Look I am not an expert, but I do know that God can give us more confidence when we ask for it. He also gives us the ability to look back through the smallest things, like the conversation I had with this person today, and show us how far we have come.

Confidence is key to many things, but God is always the answer.

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