Don’t know where to start on your Instagram journey? Start right here! 3 Simple Tips for More Instagram Engagement will get you started and on your way before you dig too deep and get too confused with all of the Instagram hacks, tips and info.

3 Simple Tips for More Instagram Engagement

No matter where you are in your Instagram journey these three simple tips will help you feel more confident and look more professional. Instagram is supposed to be fun and stress-free. Start here and start going in the right direction. So let’s dive in…..

Tip Number 1: Quality Content

Create quality content with lots of value. Quality over quantity, here guys. If you do not have quality content, how do you think you will keep others engaged on your content? You can’t!

Make sure your pics and images are eye catching and make sure your caption makes sense. Check your grammar, spelling and make sure the image goes with the caption somehow.

Again, quality over quantity always wins!

Number 2: Engage With Others

If you want engagement from others, you need to engage on others’ content. But make sure it’s genuine engagement! Emojis are great to show your emotions, but do not use emojis alone. Use them with a genuine comment. And besides, if you comment with an emoji alone… it kinda makes you look lazy. Just don’t do it!

If you can not find anything nice to say about a post or story of someone else’s, DON’T COMMENT! People can see right through a non genuine comment and it also looks like you are trying way too hard. They feel it and know it, so make sure you are always genuine!

Number 3: Be Consistent

Make sure you are consistent with posting on your main feed and stories. If you want to post everyday, post every day. If you want to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday, post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But always keep it consistent! Your followers want to know when you’re going to be “on”, online and on Instagram. They want to know when you are going to press play on your stories or post your content on your main feed. Be consistent!

There you have it, 3 Simple Tips for More Instagram Engagement. That was simple right? Check out my IGTV video to learn even more about this topic.

3 Simple Tips for More Instagram Engagement

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I hope these tips help. Let me know how they work on your own Instagram account!

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