Every year during the dog days of Summer, I start longing for the Fall and we keep inside more often than we do outside. I know, I know! I have heard from others that do not live here that we are absolutely crazy! But, when the temperature gets as high as 115 and the humidity feels like a hot moist blanket, you stay indoors! (You gagged a little over that word didn’t you?!)

The dog days of Summer always make me want to spruce up my house a bit on the inside. I mean if Mother Nature is going to make me stay indoors, I need to like what I see around me. Am I right or am I right?

Those clouds though……

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We live in a Farmhouse and have pastures all around us, so in true countryside-living-style we decorate the inside with Farmhouse Finds. But of course, I never want to spend a fortune! So here are a few items that I have bought this Summer for our Farmhouse or some items that I will be buying very soon!

I do believe this bathtub ???? is calling my name! Forget the Friday nights where I got wild and crazy. (Well I’m still crazy, just a different kind of crazy! ????) No more bars and clubs. No more twerking and droppin’ like it’s hot. (I save that these days for embarrassing my children.????????????????????????) It’s called I got old and tired so now I take baths and read books on a Friday night baby! ???? Cheers ???? to you and yours on this wild and crazy Friday night! Tell me in the comments what your wild and crazy Friday night consist of…. remember I’m boring, I need to hear your plans! ???? BTW: want to find a few of these items? Go to the bio in my link and follow “shop my IG pics”.

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You do not have to spend a fortune to redecorate! These items are durable and affordable. So win-win! Pick and choose a few items for now and buy a few more next month! Easy-peasy!

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So there ya go! If you decide to buy some of these items I would love to see what they look like in your fabulous space! I love seeing how you would style these items in your home.

In the meantime make sure you check out my Pinterest Boards “Farmhouse Decorating Ideas”, “Christmas Farmhouse”, “Fall Farmhouse Decor“, “DIY Farmhouse Decor“, and “Country Chic Decor” for more decorating tips and ideas!

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