I have to admit, I am not always the happiest person in this world. Oops, yes, I confess! To some it may not come as a complete shocker. 😉  Yes, I can be Debbie Downer, and sometimes on occasion, a big weiner-whiner. But, on most days I try my very best to be the happiest I can be! I know that one day, my kids will be gone and Chris and I will be wondering what happened to the time. I do not want to miss anything and the happy memories that go along with these days. These days are so precious and I want to have a great time participating in them. Life is too short to be Debbie-Downer or Weiner-Whiner! I want to live and enjoy the life God gave me. So I make a choice in the mornings: to be happy or not-happy! That simple! Sometimes I make a great choice, others not so great, I am human!20 habits of truly happy women

Everyday I go through my own personal checklist of things that I need to do to assist God in creating a happy life for me as a woman and a child of God.

20 Habits of TRULY Happy Women:

  1. Happy women don’t gossip about others. We have all fallen into this trap once or twice in our lifetime but, I have to say it never felt good. It always left me feeling lousy….. It never left me with a warm fuzzy feeling at the end so, save the drama and the disappointment in yourself. Zip the lips when it comes to gossip.
  2. Happy women don’t compare themselves to others. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Your circumstance is a lot different from all of your friends. Your life and YOU are unique!
  3. Happy women remember to be grateful. A grateful heart can make anyone happy and make the people around you happy, as well.
  4. Happy women pray. Women are made to pray. The bible says women are the holy spirit’s of the home and with that you can never be truly fulfilled and happy until you start going into your own quite prayer closet.
  5. Happy women let go of guilt. This one is hard, I get it! But, here’s where that praying comes in handy. 😉 Pray for God to take away the guilt from you.
  6. Happy women set measurable goals and track their progress (and as a result, they achieve those goals, too!) Write your goals down, when your goals are in sight they don’t always seem so farfetched.
  7. Happy women laugh out loud…at themselves and with others (they have a sense of humor!) They aren’t fuddy duds. They love to laugh even if it’s at their own expense. (within reason of course. ;-))
  8. Happy women set and honor their boundaries in order to achieve balance in their lives (regarding: children, marriage, relationships, work, goals, self, service, etc…). This one is hard and requires a lot of practice but, with the proper prayers and care, it can be done.
  9. Happy women don’t let fear stop them from pursuing their dreams. God did not create you to live in fear. He created you to do great things and to achieve. No one has ever been able to achieve with a big pile of FEAR in their way.
  10. Happy women focus on the positive. Even in a negative, constantly moving, whirlwind of a world, staying positive can do so much for your soul and the soul of others in your household. It’s contagious!
  11. Happy women do something for themselves each week. Hey, I have been known to sit in my car and read a book BUT, it was alone time. It is so important to recharge your batteries. I remember having three kids under the age of three a few years back and it was more important to my husband that I had some time to myself every week. I on the other hand, thought it was silly or too hard to get away. But, he held strong and PUSHED me out of the door some days and I am so glad he did! I needed to recharge!
  12. Happy women have at least one friend with whom they can be 100% real (husband, childhood friend, etc.). Not to gossip with but, to share with. It helps to be able to share stories or ideas with someone else. Especially someone who will be honest and pray with you.
  13. Happy women keep mornings calm. You are probably cursing me right now and thinking “yeah right, calm.” Believe me, it is almost near impossible some days at my house too! But the trick is to PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE! Prepare the night before. If you start your day off in a crazed fashion, chances are, it will continue that way!
  14. Happy women make time to exercise. When it comes to exercise, I am a no excuses kinda gal. If you are physically able, there is no reason you should not be exercising every single day. Now, I am not talking about a three-hour exercise madness every morning but, something that is compatible to your lifestyle and goals. No excuses! Everyone should be exercising at least 30 minutes a day. PERIOD. (If you need help finding the right exercise and fitness program for you and your lifestyle please contact me. I am happy to help.) Give me an obstacle, saying you can’t exercise because of lack of time, I can solve your problem in no time flat! 😉
  15. Happy women make time to eat real food. Yes, good clean wholesome foods can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to happiness. You may think I am crazy but, that is a whole other post in itself. You can always go HERE for more information. Or you can get a sneak peek to my new eBook, Clean Eating Quick Start Guide. Get yours HERE.
  16. Happy women reach for water. Water is so much easier on your system than sugary or caffeinated drinks. It will cut down on headaches, that in itself makes me happier!
  17. Happy women listen to their bodies. This takes practice and many years of being in tune with your body. But, once you and your body are comfortable with each other, its smooth sailing. The key is to be comfortable in your own skin, no matter your size.
  18. Happy women slow down to SMILE. Even when they don’t feel like smiling, not for the sake of others and keeping up impressions but, for her own happiness. Smiling is contagious and when you are in a room with a lot of smiling people you can’t help, but to be happy!
  19. Happy women rest. I know you are rolling your eyes here. You have kids and the days are long and the nights are short. I get it. Resting is crucial though. Crucial! I admit, I don’t always rest the way I should but, the days I don’t, I pay for it and so does my family. It is not worth it! Get some ZZZZZZsssss, your body will thank you for it!
  20. Happy women love. Simple, happy women love. They do not harden their hearts to the love of God or others. She loves unconditionally and without apology.

A happy woman is the ultimate definition of love. She is a woman, she is a mother, she is a friend, she is a wife, she is a daughter and the list goes on and on. But one thing is for sure, she is a child of God!

Things should not make us happy! Along with God’s help, true happiness comes from the inside and works its way to others.

Happiness is a choice, choose wisely!

Until next time….


photo credit: Jim Rohn Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design via photopin (license)


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23 Habits of Truly Happy Women

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