Mothers of twins can totally relate and those of you who didn’t have twins, no sweat, get a good laugh and a warm fuzzy feeling when you think- thank God that wasn’t me!
13 Things I Didn’t Know Before Having Twins
  • That my belly could have gotten so huge. It was a size of a very large watermelon. I am 5″3′ so the boys really had nowhere to go, but out. My belly literally sat on my thighs when I sat down and it went passed my knees.
  • That I would be so desperate for alone time. Oh, for the days you could just hop in the car and go wherever and be alone. Those days are gone! You have to wait until your husband gets home and by the time that happens you are too tired to go anywhere, so you just get in the car and circle the block a time or two or go parking (not that kind of parking, get your mind out the gutter) to just take a nap and for some peace and quite.
  • That I would text my husband so many times during the day saying “you better get home or else,” Knowing he wasn’t knee-deep in poop kinda made me angry! (There’s that poop word again!)
  • That there would be so much poop! Yeah, I knew this but, I think I was in total denial!
  • That my house would get so much louder! Oh my goodness, it’s so loud a train could blow a hole through the living room and no one would hear it!
  • That I would get so much advice from outsiders looking in…. We will just leave that one, at that!
  • That so many could relate because they had “Irish twins” or because their kids were only nine months apart. Sorry people, it’s not the same, never say that to a hormonal twin mama! Never!
  • That I would never use cloth diapers. I had a huge brain fart while I was pregnant with my boys about using cloth diapers. Oh, that never even happened and let me tell you why, the poop. There’s a lot of it! (yes, I like talking about poop). Hey there’s nothing wrong with cloth diapers but this mama didn’t have the patience for them, I’m not going to lie.
  • That they feed off of each other, if one starts to cry soon after the other will follow. (Always when the first crier began to sleep, then you would start all over again.)
  • That going to the grocery store would be an all day affair. If you planned on leaving at 9am, really you wouldn’t leave until noon-ish, if that early!
  • That I would be on bed-rest for such a long time. (I thought I would be the one to beat the odds.)
  • That my life would get so much simpler. I know that sounds crazy, after all I just had twins! But, I started to realize the “things” in my life were not important but, the people in my life were.
  • That my heart could love so much! My twins have taught me patience, about sibling love and the miracles of God! I would not take my twins back for the world!

You do not have to be a twin mama to get this at all but, a mama! When my twins came, it was a whole new rim for me. I had to learn about balancing, not just one child anymore, but three. I didn’t do it so gracefully sometimes and I still don’t but, we make it and I wouldn’t take these three little ones back for the world! God has taught me so much from these three little ones, about myself, about life and most importantly about His grace and love!

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